We Are Not Afraid!

There is not much to say today… I think you all are aware of what happened in U.K. The last few weeks… First Manchester and yesterday in London!

I live in U.K. I love this Country!

We won’t change the way we live!

We won’t hide in our houses!

We won’t stop loving all cultures!

We won’t give back hate with hate!


My love and thoughts today are with all the People and Families affected!


We are not afraid me On Focuslucy


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    • Hi Swadesh, sorry if I wrote your name wrong 🙂 I understand what you are saying and I’m not taking it on a bad way. If you read the about me page you probably saw that I’m half Brazilian. Well, just the other day I was speaking to a friend about the origins of our families and I realised that slavery was abolished in Brazil just at 1888 now my grandfather (which is still alive) is 89 years old that means that his mother my grand grandma was born as a slave… my grandmothers’ mother was an Indian from the Brazilian Pampa… you know that Brazil was discovered by the Portuguese and that they killed most of our native Indians… My point is that we should learn from the mistakes made by our ancestors and not buying a pain that we don’t even know how it feels… Britains or who ever felt this pain doesn’t need to feel to understand what was felt in the past… we shall all learn from the past and start loving and respect each other. Sending lots of love to you 🌞🌺

      • Hi Lucy, what you say is correct and your point is good. Actually I am a bit patriotic towards my country, taking into account that my name means ‘my own country’, so I wrote that. And its nice talking to you. With warm regards…

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