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Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *12

Happy Monday Everybody… I will achieve great thing through small steps…!  Seems easy and should be easy but, most of us when we think about what we want to achieve in life we want it now, we don’t want to wait. Some of us also don’t want to […]

Support Yourself

Support and believe in Yourself before you ask or pretend that someone else supports you. We need or better have to know exactly want we want and we need or better have to trust, believe and support ourselves at all times. Sit down meditate and journal. You will find […]


Gratitude 5 Easy Steps

I won’t bother you guys on why Gratitude is so important! what I’m gonna do instead is to share with you guys how I work on Gratitude every day and how it changed my life. We all know that positivity is the key to success but sometimes being positive […]

Motivation - 2 - Me on Focus

Motivation Monday #2

This morning I left you with an exercise, I did this exercise myself these days and I can tell you that it was very complicated… It’s very complicated to let our daily life aside and think just about what we want, sometimes I wish I was one of […]

Manifesting Love

Two years ago… Yes only two years ago I was going through a phase where I was unhappy in every field of my life you can possibly imagine. The worst was the feeling of not being able to change anything that was literally devastating me. I was not […]