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Mantra 2

Morning Mantra *2

Breath, close your eyes and repeat today’s Mantra for as long as you wish and let the universe fulfil you with positive vibrations. Mentalise Love and receive this new day with a smile. You are alive! Be grateful! Fill your heart with Love! When we positively impact someone’s Day, […]

Maya Angelou

You Have Power

Our last quote of the weekend for the book Mom, Me & Mom is the phrase that all of us would like to hear everytime insecurity and doubt finds us. Nothing better to read it this Sunday night before bed and have it on our phone as a reminder […]

Support Yourself

Support and believe in Yourself before you ask or pretend that someone else supports you. We need or better have to know exactly want we want and we need or better have to trust, believe and support ourselves at all times. Sit down meditate and journal. You will find […]

mom me and mom

Trust Yourself

Our brain is powerful and always gives us the right solution to solve our problems, fear on the other side doesn’t always let us go ahead and do what the brain suggests. Maya Angelou gives us the advice to follow through, to follow our brain, to forget about […]

I come as one

I Come as One

This is my favourite quote from Maya Angelou. It’s also a powerful Mantra Oprah per example uses this Mantra on a daily basis. This weekend I’ll be posting Quotes from Maya Angelou and if you want to read about Mom, Me & Mom click here Thank you so […]

Appreciate the Gift

I’m so thankful and grateful for all the blessings I receive each day. My heart is full of joy. I turn around and look at all the beauty Mother Earth presented me. I open my two gifts this morning and see how much I’m loved and blessed to […]


Gratitude 5 Easy Steps

I won’t bother you guys on why Gratitude is so important! what I’m gonna do instead is to share with you guys how I work on Gratitude every day and how it changed my life. We all know that positivity is the key to success but sometimes being positive […]

Diane Von Furstenberg

The Woman I wanted to Be

I think you are already sick of knowing that for months I wasn’t able to read and, I keep repeating it because it was the thing that most bothered me during this last months… But hey, this part of my life ended and now I’m back reading as […]

to do list

Starting the Week!

This Morning I woke up feeling grateful and happy! I scrolled the pictures on my phone and found the Favourite Folder which I had forgotten about and to my surprise, it was full of funny pictures and quotes of Unicorns. It immediately brought me laughter. So here it […]