Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *18

Good Morning

Let’s start this morning breathing slowly… Sit in a comfortable position, make sure your back is straight close your eyes and Inhale slowly… Hold it for three seconds and slowly exhale… Repeat this breathing as many times as you wish, you will start feeling that your body will relax and when you are ready, repeat the today’s Mantra:




Repeat the mantra as many times you wish and set up a reminder on your phone so you can read it during the day. When the reminder turn on taking just a few seconds to breathe slowly and repeat the Mantra to yourself.

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Have a Wonderful Day and be Kind to Yourself and Others.



Humble and Forgiven

I don’t usually read the news but, scrolling the Facebook home it happens to see some random news from somewhere in the world and today as I scroll my Facebook feed I read “A wrongly convicted man who was paid $75 for 31 years of prison finally gets justice”, I opened the article and I get to read about a man in Tennesse, Lawrence McKinney who spent 31 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and finally after being released he was only paid $75 and had to finda lawyer to help him to get justice!

I thought that I would read the story of an angry man that would lay all his frustration (rightful frustration) against the government, the state, the institutions. I thought I was gonna read how he felt abandoned by the family and so on…

Well, I didn’t! The only thing Lawrence wanted when he hired the lawyer was to clean his name, he wanted a formal exoneration from the Governor’s Office and it wasn’t easy but, at the end he got it and not only he also got 1 Million Dollars.

Lawrence said he was happy to have the money so at least he wouldn’t have to work as hard as he worked in prison he continues by saying ” In prison I had to work so hard for nothing, my blessings and praise go out to God and number two my pastor he has always been there for me and my church has always been behind me. But my wife has really been right hand, she has always been there for me”

To my surprise no words of hate! No self-pity and not in one moment a hint of revenge or something… A truly humble man thankful to the people who helped him through this journey of hell and thankful to God! Lawrence Pastor said that he is so used to injustice that now he is trying to get his head around what justice looks like… “Lawrence is a Humble man who cares more about the time he has left in life than the past or the amount of money in his name, he hasn’t shown much interest in the money side of it, he wanted his name cleared, and the amazing thing, he wasn’t angry at anybody.

Lawrence said he holds no grudges for the years spent in prison he says God took away all the anger from his heart. He continues “If people paid attention to the situation that I went through, they’d see it’s just a blessing!”

Why am I writing this piece of information from a news feed? Because I was surprised that after so much pain this man could be so humble and peaceful to come out feeling nothing but gratitude and humility.

Every day we wake up in our beds and we feel angry at so many little things, for example, today my computer didn’t want to turn on and suddenly I started to get mad at the computer, then at the charger, then at Apple thinking about changing the computer for a Microsoft… I was planning how I would write an email to apple to let them know what a crappy job they made with this new freaking MacBook that didn’t even wanted to turn on itself… WTF!!! And then I stopped and I was like, what? You are mad because of this? really? Is this really affecting your mood so much? Is this little issue worth the stress you are making your soul go through? No, it isn’t! And all these thoughts that I’m writing today to you guys this is thoughts that ran through my mind maybe for 30 seconds? Maybe not even so long but, this made me realize how we human beings think negatively and with hate normally on a daily basis and who knows how many times a day we do that… How many do we say “WTF” or “S..T” during our day…?

And than from nothing I read this news and I realize how long the journey still is to reach that piece of mind to just let go every angry thought and just relax and just be calm appreciate the gift that we have “Life” and “Freedom” and do our best to take care of our soul by being forgiven and appreciative in every moment of our life…

How many times I got angry at a friend that said something wrong and then I went on with the feeling of having been betrayed… How many times in the car I had hatred thoughts about a person that did something wrong… How many times I got super angry and shouted at the poor lady that called trying to sell me some kind of insurance… And then reading a feed on facebook a discover a man that really suffered something imaginable, the biggest injustice a man can possibly suffer and his answer to all this are: Humbleness, Humility, Joy, Gratitude and Forgiveness…

Every Day Is A New Lesson…

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Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *17

This morning lets take a moment and dedicate some time to our soul.

Mantras and Affirmations repeated in the early morning have the power to make your day go smooth and also have the power to prepare you to receive what Universe’s gifts.

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To get the most out of your day try to wake up and get up before everyone else in your house, the best thing to do before you begin with your Mantras is to take a moment to think about all the blessings you have in your life. If you are having a bad moment and you cannot think about anything good but problems than close your eyes and think about your heart beating and pumping so that you can be alive, think about your longs and how you breath with ought even knowing and thank your body for keeping you alive. Thank yourself for being strong physically and mentally.

Read today’s Mantra:

I Am In A State of Fulfilment, I Have Abundant Love and Joy in My Life and I Am Free to do Whatever I Want…

Read the Mantra as many times as you want…

Close your eyes and inhale slowly hold it for 3 seconds and exhale slowly… Repeat this breathing as many times as you want and repeat the Mantra.

If you have time try to imagine your day and focus on imagining you coming back home this evening happy for all the things you achieved.

Have a Wonderful Tuesday.

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Morning Mantra


You Are The Creator

You Create Your Own Universe as You go Along…

-Winston Churchill-

I receive many questions on how to manifest the life you want, the life you wish and dream of everytime you lay your head on the pillow… and I’m sure many of you manifest without even knowing that you are manifesting… and you know why? Because it’s a natural thing we are born with the ability to manifest, we as human beings are energy and we attract things in our lives, in good and bad, the only thing that we must understand is that we must control this power.

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Law of Attraction

The Universe is Asking

Show me your new you!

Who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to become? How do you want people to see you, but most important when you lay in bed after a long day how do you want to feel about yourself? When you look at yourself in the mirror what kind of person do you want to see?

This are the questions I’m asking myself constantly! Do you ask yourself this questions? I’m sure you do and you will agree with me that at the beginning is painful! It’s hard to work on ourselves and think about exactly what and who we want to be especially if this is not your reality right now, because you look and think about yourself and you don’t see yet what you want to see so most probably what you’ll do is to stop thinking about what you want, you’ll start instead focusing on the things that you don’t like and will get angry at yourself or you will start some kind of self-pity and there it goes… you will make up excuses so not to focus on the future.

How do I know that? I did that and sometimes I still do it.

How do you stop that?

Well, easy! stop right now! No thinking, just stop!

Close your eyes and ask your soul to be kind to you… Speak to yourself as you would be speaking to a child.

Example: Please, Lucy, stop thinking and saying all these bad things, stop being negative you are harming yourself. I love you let me help you.

Repeat a Mantra so that you can calm yourself, repeat a mantra so that you can feed your mind with confidence and self-love to better do the exercise.

Example: I love myself, I am calm and confident to achieve everything my soul desires.

Get yourself out of your reality, pick up a notebook and start writing, describe the person you want to become. Imagine every aspect of this new you. If per example you want a new job, change profession or start a new business write down on the top of the page what is the target you want to achieve:

Profession, write down what is your job even if you don’t do that yet.

Ask yourself and write down:

What is your job? 

Where do you work?

What is the name of the company you are working for, or what is the name of the company you want to open?

How do you dress to go to work?

Do you drive to work or do you work from home?

How are your colleagues, or do you have employees? How are they? how is their personality?

How much money do you make? What is your salary? Do you receive bonuses? How often?

How many days of vacation do you have? Where do you go on vacation?

How many hours do you work per day? How many days do you work?

Imagine yourself working at the job you want and dream about! Imagine yourself during the interview, imagine yourself happy and confident talking to your future boss! Imagine your boss smiling at you at telling you that you got the job. Feel inside of you that deep feeling of success and accomplishment. Feel your body reacting to joy and imagine your partner and your family celebrating with you and telling how great you are! Get emotional and feel it.

If what you want is to establish a new business, open your company or whatever the dream is that makes your heart sing write it down and answer all the questions that your mind will bring.


What is the business gonna be about?

What am I gonna sell?

What services will I offer?

How much money will I make?

How many clients will I have?

What are the clients gonna say and think about my company?

How many employees will I have? 

How much money will I make per year?

Imagine yourself signing the papers to open your company, imagine you building the social media of your company and open it right now why not? Imagine your first client, imagine yourself busy happy and successful. Imagine everything that makes your heart sing.

Reread what you wrote and follow every word with your finger, read it out loud as many times as you wish and feel the joy as it is already happening.

The following days continue working on your visualization and mentalization, manifest every day exactly what you want and the most important immerse yourself in the highest sense of gratitude take yourself back to a memory of the past where you received something that you wanted very very much and remember the feelings that you were feeling in that moment and drag that moment from the past to your present and thank the universe with the same passion your mind remembers from the past. Thank your clients, imagine every client, imagine their smiles and their positive feedback.


Thank you for this amazing job.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you my company is so successful my heart is full of joy. 

Thank you for all these clients.

Thank you for all this money coming into my bank account.

Thank you for all the abundance.

Continue manifesting every day and manifest anything you want and makes your heart sing. Don’t worry about the how because the how is everything gonna happen in your life is not your problem. Everything will happen, opportunities will appear in your life, what you will have to do is to be active and motivated to grab every opportunity that will come to your life, so don’t sit on the sofa waiting but get moving!

Thank you so much for reading.






Health Mantra

I’m Grateful for Health

Hello All,

during the month of March, we worked very hard setting up the Blog’s new look, writing down a plan and a schedule for the month of April. So many good ideas came up and so many new projects were about to start and to be launched here on our blog Me On Focus…

But, unfortunately, while my mind was going very very fast and while I was so excited about everything my body left me behind… Is there anything worse than having all your plans slip between your fingers like sand? Yes, of course there are millions of worst things that might happen but, for me the morning i woke up with a migraine i thought there was nothing worst that could have happened and I fall into desperation hating every part of my body, I was so angry, so angry, so angry that my usual self-control didn’t make its way up to kick me back to usual positive me…

My mind new that I was entering in the limbo of no return… one bad thought after another and anger can only bring…: Bad things!!! And guess what Shit got worst! And… Only bad things happen afterwards!

What started as a migraine… Became a kidney infection! After two days of strong migraines, I woke up in the morning and when I tried to get up I just couldn’t!!! Atrocious pain! I won’t hide that I cried and hated, even more, every bit of myself… I felt so useless, I felt so frustrated all the deadlines in front of me and I couldn’t move because of the pain in the back do to the kidneys infection and at the same time, the migraine was on the highest pick…

Deeply stressed an emotional I had the “wonderful” idea of taking sumatriptan pills for a migraine and codeine for the pain of the kidneys… Yeas, I know! Totally forking crazy! The result? Well, I was totally drugged, which was “good” I fall into deep sleeps and didn’t think about the pain and the didn’t have time to think negatively.

The days passed exactly 4 to be precise and finally,y I came back to my normal state of mind… The kidney pain was still bad but thankfully the migraine was gone so i could finally think and hear my thoughts and the mind awakening came… A voice inside of me was peacefully reminding me that untill i was wouldn’t change my thoughts i wouldn’t get better… That untill I would be so ungrateful towards my body my body would continuasly respond negatively by giving me back pain and infections…

Diseases most of the time have a spiritual cause, Kidneys infections are related to anger, disapoitments, failures and apathy for the present moment… Also low self estem… So my kidney infection was the response for my reaction to the migraines…

Finally thinking with the right mindset I decided to write a message to my friend which heals herself with natural medicine and with affirmations and mantras and told her everything that was happening, she told me to drink a lot of water with lemon and to make green juices repeating the mantra “I Am Healthy, Thank you for my Health” and so I did! The next day the pain was still there but I could walk straight! The second day the pain was there but I could walk normally and sit down… The third the pain was almost gone. Today I can still feel a little pain in the lower back but I know I’m healed!

This last 10 days really made understand the power of our thoughts and emotions! I can seriously understand now how important it is to always see love instead of anger, what I did to myself is self-harm and from now on I shall seriously focus on my body and mind in order to don’t allow my emotions to harm me, self-control, positive thoughts and self-love are essential in our life.

We will dive into healing our bodies with affirmations and mantras, your mindset can make you sick but it can also heal you and this from now is something I want to learn more and more.

I apologise to my readers, I know we were supposed to start this momnth with posts evryday, podcast, youtube videos, recipes and etc… Now that I’m almost recovered I’ll focus to catch up with the work that was left behind we have some very cool things coming this month… The thing I’m most excited about are the amazing people we will interview this month.

I want to leave this post today asking you to close your eyes for one minute and thank your body for being healthy and strong… Think about every cell of your body and thank it… Think about every organ and say thank. Finish your 1 minute meditation repeating the mantra “I Am Healthy and Strong, My Body is Healthy and Strong. Thank you Body for being Healthy and Strong”

Thank you all for reading me, thank you so much for following Me On Focus on social media we are so many and I am so grateful to each one of you, I want to hear from you and to get to know you please comment the blog, comment the pictures, send me private messages or emails I’ll answer you all. Thank you so much.

So I leave this post today with my heart full of gratitude and wishing you all Abundance of everything you wish.


Health Quote







Be Courages

With this quote a say Goodbye to the month of March…

Thank you Universe for this amazing Month for all the lessons learned and all the blessings.

April is almost here and I will start the new Month with the belief that the Universe has my Back and I’m capable of achieving everything I desire.

Thank you for everybody that follows and reads Me On Focus I wish you all a great month of April… Be thankful and grateful for March and start April with the certainty that you will succeed!

Thank you 🙏🏽

Self Love Quote

1* Step to Self-Love

In Order to Love, We Need to Learn to Love Ourselves First…

I read and re-read and read again this quote and thought a lot… Something was holding me back from accepting that these words are true… So True!

Growing up we learn to love others, to treat others how we would like to be treated, and this got me thinking: Do I have to treat others like I would like others to treat me or should I treat others like I treat myself?

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