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Morning Mantra *33

Today’s Morning Mantra goes directly to the point! Let’s focus on our life, our work and everything that we want to achieve so let’s visualise and mentalise. Close your eyes and breath: Inhale Slowly – Hold It – Exhale Slowly Repeat the breathing exercise as many times as […]

Podcast Interview With Gil Pennant

In Today’s Podcast Friday we have the author of “How To Use Feeling Very Good as a Way Into The Happiness Zone” Gil Pennant. We had the amazing opportunity to meet him in London Waterloo and record an interview where he tells us everything about how one day […]

Morning Mantra 32

Morning Mantra *32

Have you ever stopped to think about if you trust yourself? Have you ever stopped to tell yourself how strong and powerful you are? Have you ever stopped to think about your intelligence? On how good you are on doing something? Have you ever stepped in front of […]

Morning Mantra 31

Morning Mantra *31

Morning Meditation with the use of Mantras is a powerful tool to start our day on the right foot. So let’s start today by breathing… Inhale Slowly – Hold It For a Few Seconds – Exhale Slowly Repeat the breathing as many times as you need. Now think […]

Morning Mantra 30

Morining Mantra *30

Sometimes life happens… Yes, life just happens! Impossible to have control over everything! You can have control over yourself, over your thoughts and actions, you might have developed a way to control your thoughts and you are able to get in life everything you visualise so you walk on […]