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The Change - Me on Focus

Suddenly the Change…

Suddenly for no reason at all something changed! In one of my first posts, I explained: “Why, Me on Focus?” There I explained about some changes that I went through and why I called this blog Me On Focus, and today Here am I again to tell you […]

What - Me on Focus

It’s About You

What Would You Do If? It’s the time to raise up and stand in the light of who you are! This Sunday take a deep breath and think about all you want to do, who you want to be, where you wanna go and what you want to […]

Passion Me On Focus

What’s Your Passion?

Good Morning All, I hope you are all well and that you had a great weekend. Monday Hurray!!! Motivation Monday! We start early this morning asking ourselves the most important questions of all: What’s my Passion? What am I passionate about? If I could do whatever I want, […]

Slow Down…

You guys are great and I’m sure that all of you read about how I’ve been struggling lately with Migraines Attacks. You guys were all so lovely sending me wishes to get well soon, you guys were so understanding and left comments that really made me happy. Thank […]