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Podcast Interview With Gil Pennant

In Today’s Podcast Friday we have the author of “How To Use Feeling Very Good as a Way Into The Happiness Zone” Gil Pennant. We had the amazing opportunity to meet him in London Waterloo and record an interview where he tells us everything about how one day […]

Morning Mantra 28

Morning Mantra *28

Good Morning In order to receive what you desire in life, you need to be grateful for what you already have and you must be ready… Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful for what you have because when problems knock in the door we tend to just look […]

Morning Mantra *7

Good Morning and Great Monday to You!!! A new week is starting and let’s feel happy and thankful about it! This week is a new beginning receive it with your heart full of joy and gratitude. Please take 5 minutes to read today’s Mantra and repeat it as […]


Morning Mantra *6

I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself! Saturday… Let’s relax and give some cuddles to our Soul by accepting ourselves exactly how we are… Accept yourself… You had a long journey to arrive at this moment, to this age, to this person that you are today. Your journey was carved […]

Appreciate the Gift

I’m so thankful and grateful for all the blessings I receive each day. My heart is full of joy. I turn around and look at all the beauty Mother Earth presented me. I open my two gifts this morning and see how much I’m loved and blessed to […]


Gratitude 5 Easy Steps

I won’t bother you guys on why Gratitude is so important! what I’m gonna do instead is to share with you guys how I work on Gratitude every day and how it changed my life. We all know that positivity is the key to success but sometimes being positive […]

Psalm 23

My Religion is Love

It’s doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. Your Religion doesn’t matter either, cause at the end of the day what we all want is love. To be loved and to love. To live a peaceful life full of joy, health and peace. Psalm 23 is […]

Im sorry

I Am Sorry

Some days ago I was having a chat with my husband about “Purpose in Life” and what do we personally want to achieve in this life and how we see ourselves in 5 years, so we decided to do an exercise that my husband has been doing successfully over […]

Setting Goals & Intentios

For many reasons, I stopped writing the “What Happened” for now… Later on, I might continue so I won’t let you guys wondering, for now, let us go on trying not to think about “What Happened”. Is it kind of late to write Goals and Intentions for 2018? […]