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I’m focusing on health and having only positive thoughts… it’s hard the pain is high. My mantra for today is “I’m healthy, I’m strong” I’m not being able to post but I’m leaving you with this beautiful quote wishing you a beautiful day. Lucy


Hello All, This month didn’t start very well… I’m in the middle of one of my migraines attacks so that is the reason I’m not posting… hopefully tomorrow is gonna be a better day and I’ll be back posting the daily mantras and new posts. In the mean […]

Day 15

Disclaimer: 21/03/18 I stopped writing every day how my days are going because I don’t want to get you guys bored and because I decided that I won’t focus on the depression but instead will do everything to re-build my life around it not giving importance to it…  […]

Day 14

Day 14

Today is a Migraine day! I had to take one of my magic pills which my husband hides from me and gives me only when he sees that I’m too much in pain… I look at this man and wonder where he finds all the strength to deal […]


These days I haven’t been posting much because my worst enemy came visit: a Migraine! Yes, I differ with Migraines and my life completely works around it! One day I feel well so I try to work as much as I can, I try to get stuff done […]