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Barbel Mohr

At Work!

Sorry is gonna be a very long post…! No, I won’t continue the “What Happened” posts now because the last part is quite hard and painful so I’ve decided to wait till I get mentally stronger. But, as soon as I’ll be stronger get prepared cause the last […]

What Happened #1

Hello All, It’s a long time that I don’t post and, from today I’ll be writing posts explaining what happened and changed in this months… It’s quite a long story so I decided in more posts so I don’t get you guys bored. Most of you know that […]

Leader me on focus

Value People

When I start to work for a company I some sort of marrying the cause of that company. I need to believe on what they want to achieve! I need to trust the people I work with and yes I build relationships with my colleagues, I like to […]

IPlanner - me on focus

Busy… Too Busy

Hello All and Happy Sunday!!! Hope you are all well, enjoying your families and that your week was full of happiness. I’ve been very busy this week and unfortunately didn’t make it to blog at the end of the day… Which for me was very painful! I felt […]

Less is More Me on Focus

Capsule Wardrobe #1

Good Morning All, today we will talk about minimalism, as you know I’m transitioning to a minimalist life so I’m making a lot of changes. Part of this changes is to create a capsule wardrobe, define a style and choose accessories that really match my personality and that […]

Passion Me On Focus

What’s Your Passion?

Good Morning All, I hope you are all well and that you had a great weekend. Monday Hurray!!! Motivation Monday! We start early this morning asking ourselves the most important questions of all: What’s my Passion? What am I passionate about? If I could do whatever I want, […]

Slow Down…

You guys are great and I’m sure that all of you read about how I’ve been struggling lately with Migraines Attacks. You guys were all so lovely sending me wishes to get well soon, you guys were so understanding and left comments that really made me happy. Thank […]