Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *10

Our Today’s Mantra, unfortunately, is coming up late but I decided to post it anyways… so it’s going to work a little bit differently today. Today let’s focus on us! We are our own work in progress and to become the best version of our selves we must […]


Morning Mantra *9

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! What do you want to attract today? What will make your heart sing today? Visualise and Manifest the day you want to have and you will have it! Think positive, breath in and smile cause you are whatever you want to be, so […]

Mantra 8

Morning Mantra *8

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Be the Energy You Want to Attract! Take few minutes and visualise your day… every step that you are gonna take today. Try to visualise yourself getting ready, getting to the place you have to go ( work, study, drop the kids at […]

Morning Mantra *7

Good Morning and Great Monday to You!!! A new week is starting and let’s feel happy and thankful about it! This week is a new beginning receive it with your heart full of joy and gratitude. Please take 5 minutes to read today’s Mantra and repeat it as […]


Morning Mantra *6

I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself! Saturday… Let’s relax and give some cuddles to our Soul by accepting ourselves exactly how we are… Accept yourself… You had a long journey to arrive at this moment, to this age, to this person that you are today. Your journey was carved […]


Morning Mantra *5

Friday! Last working day of the week… Today I would like you to think about your week… All the great accomplishments of your week. Yes, Accomplishments!!! All the things big and small that you did this week are accomplishments and, must be celebrated because they are approaching you to […]

women 2018

International Women’s Day

It was hard for me to decide to write a post to celebrate the International Women’s Day today… My mind goes back to everything I’ve been reading lately… and it didn’t make me feel happy… I read some news from my country (Italy) about femicide… and I cried… […]

My spirit Meonfocus

Morning Mantra *4

I Honour My Spirit and Trust My Vibes! We feel it inside ourselves… we are not sure where it comes from and sometimes we are hesitant to follow it… What is it? Some people call it vibe, some other calls it inner soul most of us call it […]

I am enough

Morning Mantra *3

Yes!!! You Are Enough!!! Wednesday is considered to be the toughest day of the week… but not for you because you are enough! There is nothing that can stop you from going out there today and make it great! Today you are going to show to yourself that […]