Be Courages

With this quote a say Goodbye to the month of March…

Thank you Universe for this amazing Month for all the lessons learned and all the blessings.

April is almost here and I will start the new Month with the belief that the Universe has my Back and I’m capable of achieving everything I desire.

Thank you for everybody that follows and reads Me On Focus I wish you all a great month of April… Be thankful and grateful for March and start April with the certainty that you will succeed!

Thank you 🙏🏽

Yellow Lentil Cream Soup

äääMe On Focus is almost completing one year… And to Celebrate I’m going to re-post some older posts. We start with a recipe :)äúä
Enjoy 🙂

Me On Focus

Hello All 🙂

Got a little bit stuck on how to start writing this post… I looked around on other sites and started to write the recipe and the ingredients trying to be the more professional I could, but it didn’t sound like me! I want this blog to reflect the real me and the real me would try to describe the tastes and the feelings that this Soup brought me while I was preparing it and while (of course) I was eating it.

I’m totally enabled to follow a recipe! all the recipes that I cook every day come from my heart… Some dishes that you’ll see going forward were taught or showed if you like my two grandmas. Absolutely divine cooks one from Italy and the other one from Brazil, so the mix of flavour is granted 🙂

So here we go with my first recipe…

I like…

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Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *13

How many times we start thinking about what we would like to do or achieve and stop and tell ourselves “well when I’m gonna feel ready I’ll do it”  or how many times we have a great idea but we don’t speak up during the meeting and so the meeting ends and we are left with that feeling of failure. How many times you didn’t find the courage to speak with that person you wanted to meet so much? How many times you kept yourself from being happy held back by the fear of something…?

Well, today is another day and you won’t hold yourself back because of fear or doubt… Today you will take the first step towards understanding that Everything You Need is already inside of you! No need to search for the right moment, for the right whatever makes you feel more secure because its all inside of you.

Now how can you find what you need inside of you? Well. it will seem hard but it isn’t. We as Human Beings are specialist on surviving and finding solutions here I’ll give you some exercises that work for me, try them and develop some of your own, change the exercise depending on your needs and let me know how it worked for you.

So here is what you got to do:

  1. Think about your day. Think about what you want to achieve it doesn’t have to be long is enough a short phrase (example: “have the courage to say no”) think about in what situation you will need to say no… imagine yourself saying it and how you are going to feel after saying it. Imagine how happy you are going to feel and benefits you are gonna have from it.
  2. You are going to feel the fear so repeat the mantra “Everything I’m Searching for is Already Inside of me” close your eyes repeat it a few times.
  3. Re-think about what you want to achieve during the day and repeat the mantra.

You will feel charged, you will feel that the fear is not there anymore what you are feeling now is excitement your brain now can’t wait to act. You are now in Charge!

Breath in and out slowly and repeat the mantra.

If you have more than 5/10 minutes try to journal, journaling is very important to get you focused and also is good to keep track of your improvements one year from now you can go back read and see by yourself how many positive changes you have made.

Our Mantra is a little Meditation exercise that helps us improve our day… Try to set reminders on your phone with a pleasant alarm so you can close your eyes breath in and out slowly repeating the Mantra this will give you the serenity to go on with your day in peace.

Nothing is better than being able to control ourselves, the way we feel and how we react towards our day. One simple break to breath and dedicate some attention to your soul changes your whole day.

Write in the comments your favourite Mantra. Let me know if you are meditating with us every morning and how it is working for you…

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Morning Mantra

Evening Mantra

The Power of Prayer

A Little Disclaimer before you start reading 🙂

When we say Pray, Prayer or Praying we immediately have that image of a person on their knees in a church reciting some kind of prayer. It doesn’t matter what is the religion we have this image… So before I start writing I want to let you know as I do every time I write about something that might create arguments that I won’t speak about any religion, we will speak about the importance and the power prayer has to our life but not naming religions and not giving any name to a force above us, here on Me On Focus we are going to call it Universe.  So if you are religious, or a believer in any religion please feel free to use the name you normally refer to.


I personally am a believer, I believe in the force of the universe, I’m a firm believer that there is a power that guides us and helps us.

I pray and since I experienced some problems in my life that you probably read about on some older posts (What Happened #1) I started to pray very often. Praying to the Universe helped me to get better and is helping me every day more and more because it calms me and it makes me feel good. When I close my eyes and I pray I feel the vibrations of the Universe hugging me and this automatically makes me feel stronger. Everything that I write in this blog is things that I did or do in a daily basis that works and so I feel free to share with you guys because I know that your life will change as I did.

We are waking up every day to the Me On Focus Mantras (Morning Mantra *12) this are little prayers to ourselves… Believe me that praying to our soul is a game changer. We as human beings we need love and the best love that we can receive is the love that we give to ourselves. When we love ourselves we take care of ourselves we don’t let anything and anybody get on our way to happiness. When we love ourselves we respect ourselves more and we act upon making the best decisions in our lives acting out of fear.

Fear! Fear is our biggest enemy. Fear is the what keeps us from doing things that make us happy and one form of beating fear is praying. Yes, my friend when you feel the fear inside of you the best weapon that you have is a little prayer, a little mantra that can be something like this: “I Am Fearless! I Now decide to See Love instead of Fear!”

When we started our Morning Mantras posts I wrote about The Power of Mantras & Affirmations and prayers are the same thing just longer. I, for example, pray before I fall asleep, what I do is to think about the day being thankful about everything good or bad, I think about the next day being grateful already cause I have the certainty that the universe will help me to make it a great day. I thank the universe for all the blessings (family, health, etc…) and I pray the Universe and my Soul. Usually, my prayers are longer mantras that I formulate during the day, I’m sure that if you already started to meditate with us 5 minutes every morning you already have some of your own mantras written, the evening prayer nothing is but a longer mantra with a gratitude exercise.

In prayer ask for guidance, Ask your Inner Guide, ask the Universe to guide you to open the door to success and abundance in your life. Ask the Universe to treat you with love and care and tell the Universe exactly what you need to be and feel happy. Believe, trust and be firm and strong because the Universe is working to get you what you need.

We need to feed our Inner Guide (soul) with as much love as we can. We need to be grateful to the Universe and also have clear what we want so the Universe can work in our favour… Prayers come directly from our heart, prayers are sincere and humble.

Try to dedicate 5 minutes in the morning by meditating with our Mantra and try to give yourself those 10 minutes before falling asleep to pray.

Example of a Prayer that I love I got it from Gaby Bernstein.


I want to thank all of you for reading me, for following me on Instagram, for writing to me and for following this blog that I love so much. Writing is my happiness. I’m so very grateful to all of you and wish you all the best. Thank you so MUCH!



Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *12

Happy Monday Everybody…

I will achieve great thing through small steps…! 

Seems easy and should be easy but, most of us when we think about what we want to achieve in life we want it now, we don’t want to wait. Some of us also don’t want to commit or don’t want to make the sacrifices to achieve what we want.

As we all know Mantras, Affirmations and Positive Mind are the keys to our success but we can never forget that without action there will be no reaction so if we don’t act nothing is gonna happen.

The key to achieving great things is to focus, believe and act.

I’ll give you an example:

Your dream job is to become a doctor… You’ll need the positive mind, the focus, and the motivation but if you don’t put yourself in University and you don’t study you won’t become one… also it won’t happen from one day to another, it will take at least 6 years of hard work for you to become a doctor. It will take small steps towards but you will get there, and this is for everything you want to achieve in life.

Small steps…




and finally you’ll get the result you dreamed of and your heat will sing and cheer in happiness.

What we do here in this blog is to help you to be calm and fearless to be able to every day wake up motivated to fight for the life of your dreams with serenity and truth believe that you can do and get whatever you want.

Meditation with the right use of Mantras or Affirmations is the best way to get you on track. No matter what kind of day you are having. No matter what is the situation right now stopping for 5 minutes and taking your mind away from negativity, fear and doubt will have the power to change your whole day.

If you at this moment feel frustrated for whatever reason to give yourself a chance to change your feeling and or mood with today’s Mantra. I know Monday’s are tricky but trust me you have the power to change your life in just 5 minutes.

“I Will Achieve Great Things Through Small Steps”

Close your eyes, repeat the mantra for yourself as many times as you wish. Visualize (if you like) what you want to achieve today and repeat the mantra again. Breath in and out slowly.

Meditation doesn’t have to take hours, are enough few minutes where you breathe slowly and focus on yourself.

You can meditate for just one minute many times a day or when you feel that you need a break to set up your mind back to positivity.

Set a reminder on your phone with the alarm I like to have it for every two hours, when the phone beeps I just close my eyes breath in and out slowly and say the mantra to myself it takes just a few seconds… Trust me it changes everything.

I wish you a great day a great start of the week please remember that you have the power to change your day just by mediatting for 30 seconds. Try it and let me know.

Thank you for reading me every day.


Morning Mantra


Morning Mantra *11

May We Be Whatever the Fork We Want!!!

Today take a moment to focus on our Mantra breathing in and out slowly…

Focus on what you want…

Focus on your deepest desires!

Be grateful.

Thank the Universe, God, if you don’t have any belief thank yourself.

We speak a lot about the importance of Journaling. Journal! Write down everything that comes to your mind focusing on positivity.

Set the reminder in your phone and set the alarm so you can repeat this Mantra often.

Mantras, Affirmations are important to us. Let us focus on making it part of our life.



Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra *10

Our Today’s Mantra, unfortunately, is coming up late but I decided to post it anyways… so it’s going to work a little bit differently today.

Today let’s focus on us!

We are our own work in progress and to become the best version of our selves we must work every day.

Read the Mantra.

Repeat the Mantra.

Visualize the person you want to be.

Write it down.

Meditate and visualize yourself already being the person you want to become.

Example: If you want to have a promotion at work, visualize yourself during the meeting with your boss where he is going to inform you that you got the promotion, visualize yourself thanking your boss, visualize yourself receiving the congratulations of your co-workers. Visualize yourself calling your family and friends giving the news. Visualize yourself celebrating the result. Close your eyes and feel the happiness inside yourself.

Do this for everything you want to achieve in your life. What you can imagine happens!

Set a reminder on your phone with this Mantra not only for today but for every day! Repeat and repeat meditate and journal. Journaling is the key factor for success.

Do you have tricks to manifest what you want in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you


Morning Mantra

Happiness Unhappiness

You Are The Reason for my​ Unhappiness!

Raise your hand if you never ever blamed somebody for your unhappiness!

If you raised your hand good for you, you learned one of the toughest things in life: not blaming somebody for your unhappiness is tough but necessary and you managed it, you are in another level, a higher spiritual level.

But, not blaming somebody for your unhappiness is hard is tough and it requires a degree of humility that you can only achieve with a high level of self-esteem and self-respect because come on you are the owner of your life so if you are unhappy you must change that…

Now, the most common form of unhappiness is the unhappiness we face during a relationship a marriage,( there is also the unhappiness we feel about something we blame our parents for but that’s normal we as sons and daughters blame our parents for many reasons and I’ll talk about this in another post… ) what today I want to talk about is relationships with our partners – husbands – boyfriends and so on…

We grow up imagining the fairy tale, the prince that will take away all our fears and worries that will take care of us making our life fantastic and perfect, a perfect father of perfect children in a perfect house with the perfect cars, fantastic holidays and the most fairytale romance… yeah, whatever your heart desires and that or whatever you imagined is what you imagined to be a perfect life that would make you perfectly happy. So you give all the responsibility to the other person, your happiness is in his/her hands, you just have to sit and wait cause he/she will make you happy! He/she has the responsibility to fulfil your dreams. It’s a must!

(Now I’m writing “he” cause I am a woman but if you are a man reading me just change to “she” and think about what you imagined would make you happy… What I wrote were only examples.)

The point is no matter if you are a man or a woman you imagined something, a life that you certainly believed would make you happy and dropped your hopes and dreams on the other person…

Something happens… The person you are with somehow doesn’t fulfil your dream and you feel unhappy!

Is it his/ her fault?

No, it is not!

It’s your fault! You are unhappy it’s your fault. If you are in a relationship because you want the person to make you happy and you are not? Run!

If the person you are with is not giving you what you thought a partner must give you to be happy? Run!

If you are blaming the person you are with for not fulfilling your standards? Run!

If you think your partner doesn’t make you happy? Run!

Why you must run?

Because you should never be in a relationship so that the other person will make you happy! You should never put your dreams and hopes on somebody else’s back and make them make it work. Run! Set them free from you cause no matter how hard they are gonna work you will never be happy.

It’s not your partners’ duty to make you fulfil your aspirations so you can feel happy!


Because if you are giving the responsibility of your happiness to another person that means that you have not clear what makes you happy and if you are not happy nobody will ever have the chance to make you happy. If you don’t know how to be happy is it even possible that the person will know? How is he\she will be able to figure out how to make you happy?

You must look inside yourself, think about what you want, decide what happiness means to you and you must work for it!

After you did this then yes. When you will know how to make yourself happy, you will become a happier person your partner will see what makes you happy, he/she will be happy and automatically will make you happy.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about extreme relationships involving violence and other bad things that must never happen. I’m talking about normal healthy relationships, where unfortunately we seek happiness through our partners blaming them for our own failures.

If you are in a relationship where you constantly blame your partner for your unhappiness, please stop and search inside yourself for your happiness. Look inside yourself and define your dreams and ambitions, work on yourself and do everything it’s possible to make yourself happy.

Don’t blame others for your unhappiness instead fight for it, starting from working on you and for you.

When you will be happy you will make your partner happy which automatically will make you happy… is a twist of words but to be happy in a relationship starts with you. 

Thank you for reading…




Morning Mantra *9

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

What do you want to attract today? What will make your heart sing today?

Visualise and Manifest the day you want to have and you will have it! Think positive, breath in and smile cause you are whatever you want to be, so celebrate yourself by manifesting the day and the life you wish for…

Let’s meditate and breath…

Journal, write down your thoughts and demand the change you want to have.

Today set the reminder on your phone and repeat the mantra breathing slowly and visualise for just two seconds what you want.

Be thankful and grateful for at least one thing today and embrace your day with joy.

Have a wonderful day! I’m sure it will be!