Slow Down…

You guys are great and I’m sure that all of you read about how I’ve been struggling lately with Migraines Attacks. You guys were all so lovely sending me wishes to get well soon, you guys were so understanding and left comments that really made me happy. Thank […]


These days I haven’t been posting much because my worst enemy came visit: a Migraine! Yes, I differ with Migraines and my life completely works around it! One day I feel well so I try to work as much as I can, I try to get stuff done […]

Why Minimalist…?

Do you know those kinds of people that would never ever throw away anything? That wouldn’t even throw away the yoghurt packaging? Well, that was me… Now you must be wondering why I kept the yoghurt packaging, right? Well, I don’t know… I use to wash them and […]

Meat and Potato Bake

Great Day to All! For the sake of change…. today’s recipe is mine. Inspiring my fellow men that yes… you can cook too, and in fact with great success. So move on and impress your family tonight. Scroll down to see our inspirational video! Simple ingredients: Bag of […]

So Easy to Say…

Motivation is the word of the moment… You look around YouTube and you will find loads of YouTubers speaking about Motivation and about how they find Motivation… Yes, I’m writing Motivation with Capitol “M”! Because Motivation is what makes us get up every day and fight to achieve […]

Listen and Learn

Great Day to All! It is time to write my first post, and I decided to talk about listening, as this was the first thing I came across early on in my life. It all started when I turned 18 and started to serve in the military. Freshly […]

Role Model – Coco Chanel

Hello All, Once a month I’m going to post about a Woman which I consider a role model. It won’t be necessarily a famous person she might be anybody that I admire. Today I want to start this new appointment by writing about my number one role model, […]

Benefits of Drinking Yerba Mate

Most of you will know that I’m half Brazilian, South of Brazil from a Region Called “Rio Grande do Sul”. The people born in Rio Grande do Sul are called “Gauchos” which translated means Cowboy or Ranchers, this was years and years ago now it only means the […]

Manifesting Love

Two years ago… Yes only two years ago I was going through a phase where I was unhappy in every field of my life you can possibly imagine. The worst was the feeling of not being able to change anything that was literally devastating me. I was not […]

Courgettes Risotto

Risotto is one of my favourite food, it’s amazing because is quick and you can make risotto with everything you want… Today I want to show you my favourite risotto which is the Cougettes Risottos. The first step cut some onions, I personally like them chopped very small, […]