Motivation Monday 

Good Morning Everybody 🙂 Let’s start a new week thinking by sailing away! Let’s start this new week thinking about what is holding us back from starting to work on our dreams! Let’s start today with only one thought: Let’s go! Have a wonderful week fulfilled with Health, […]

Affirmations me on Focus 1

Affirmations #1

Nothing can be more powerful than Affirmations Affirmations are the true kick start for any person that needs a burst of mental energy and confidence, you teach your brain to think about what you want, what you need and the best; you teach your mind to immediately change […]

IPlanner - me on focus

Busy… Too Busy

Hello All and Happy Sunday!!! Hope you are all well, enjoying your families and that your week was full of happiness. I’ve been very busy this week and unfortunately didn’t make it to blog at the end of the day… Which for me was very painful! I felt […]

Emotions - Me on Focus


The Power of Affirmations… This is our topic for tomorrow, and we prepare ourselves with this quote from “Earl Nightingale” so we can think about it and prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s post. I wish you all a fabulous day filled with happiness and victories. Thank you lucy

Less is More Me on Focus

Capsule Wardrobe #1

Good Morning All, today we will talk about minimalism, as you know I’m transitioning to a minimalist life so I’m making a lot of changes. Part of this changes is to create a capsule wardrobe, define a style and choose accessories that really match my personality and that […]

Motivation - 2 - Me on Focus

Motivation Monday #2

This morning I left you with an exercise, I did this exercise myself these days and I can tell you that it was very complicated… It’s very complicated to let our daily life aside and think just about what we want, sometimes I wish I was one of […]

Passion Me On Focus

What’s Your Passion?

Good Morning All, I hope you are all well and that you had a great weekend. Monday Hurray!!! Motivation Monday! We start early this morning asking ourselves the most important questions of all: What’s my Passion? What am I passionate about? If I could do whatever I want, […]

We are not afraid me On Focus

We Are Not Afraid!

There is not much to say today… I think you all are aware of what happened in U.K. The last few weeks… First Manchester and yesterday in London! I live in U.K. I love this Country! We won’t change the way we live! We won’t hide in our […]

Me On Focus Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting Abundance Part 1

Wednesday rhymes with Manifestation, right? Well not really but here on Me on Focus we make our own rules and yes it does rhyme… hehehehehe Manifesting Abundance… wow we are definitely gonna talk a lot about this topic but, first let’s take a look at what Abundance really […]

Christopher Allen _ Me on Focus

Motivation Monday

Great Monday Everybody. Today is our appointment to talk about Motivation… I thought a lot about this post because I want it to be very special, first of all, because Motivation is a special topic and second of all because today I’m bringing the example of a Victorious […]

Beauty on Focus

Disclaimer: 23/03/18 Hello All, we did open a new blog but it was too much for me at the time with a full-time job to write on both blogs… Then I thought is better and decided that this space is about being the most open possible with our […]


Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Only reading its definition it already causes a certain bad feeling, isn’t it? Well, fear is the cause of all our problems and weaknesses, it’s the hardest feeling to overcome. Some might think that for […]