Morning Mantra *19

Today I would like you to do something a little different…

Read The Mantra exercise below and after you read everything meditate for as long as you want…

Take a moment to focus on your breathing: Inhale slowly hold it for 3 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the breathing 3 times.

Say the Mantra:

All The Doors To Success And Joy Are All Opening Easily For Me

Close your eyes and visualise  a corridor, this corridor has many doors, the doors are all closed but, each door has a label on it with something different written (Health, Prosperity, Peace, Love, Success, and etc)

Still with your eyes closed imagine yourself walking through the corridor and stop in front of the door you choose and read what is written on the door.

Open the door, and feel the energy the door brings you… Open your arms and receive the blessings from the Universe.

Enter the room and you will see that you are again in the corridor… Keep walking and stop in front of another door you wish, read the label on the door and open it, step in and feel the energy from the Universe.

After you opened all the doors you visualised stop walking and open your arms in gratitude. Give thanks to the Universe for all the doors that were open for you.

Repeat the Mantra:

All The Doors To Success And Joy Are All Opening Easily For Me

Morning Mantra 19

You Will Have a Wonderful Day full of Victories!



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