The Danish Girl

This week unfortunately my Migraine is kicking hard so its hard to write what I’m doing for two reasons, first I’m not doing much besides taking pills and sleeping, second I can’t really function I can’t think consequence I can’t write. Yesterday I was feeling a lot better so I decided to watch “The Danish […]

Day 15

The Migraine just won’t let me be! I had so much planned for today and… nothing! But, It’s ok I won’t pull my self down because of this, I’ll just rest and hope that tomorrow will be a better day and will do what I wanted to do today, tomorrow… Who am I joking?! I […]

Day 13

From today I’ll write everyday how the days are going, how I’m battling against this Anxiety with Depression thingy and hopefully it will keep me challenged to set a routine and slowly be able to re-build myself. I’m not speaking with a doctor yet because I didn’t found anybody I trust and also I rarely […]