Be Courages

With this quote a say Goodbye to the month of March…

Thank you Universe for this amazing Month for all the lessons learned and all the blessings.

April is almost here and I will start the new Month with the belief that the Universe has my Back and I’m capable of achieving everything I desire.

Thank you for everybody that follows and reads Me On Focus I wish you all a great month of April… Be thankful and grateful for March and start April with the certainty that you will succeed!

Thank you 🙏🏽

Evening Mantra

The Power of Prayer

A Little Disclaimer before you start reading 🙂

When we say Pray, Prayer or Praying we immediately have that image of a person on their knees in a church reciting some kind of prayer. It doesn’t matter what is the religion we have this image… So before I start writing I want to let you know as I do every time I write about something that might create arguments that I won’t speak about any religion, we will speak about the importance and the power prayer has to our life but not naming religions and not giving any name to a force above us, here on Me On Focus we are going to call it Universe.  So if you are religious, or a believer in any religion please feel free to use the name you normally refer to.


I personally am a believer, I believe in the force of the universe, I’m a firm believer that there is a power that guides us and helps us.

I pray and since I experienced some problems in my life that you probably read about on some older posts (What Happened #1) I started to pray very often. Praying to the Universe helped me to get better and is helping me every day more and more because it calms me and it makes me feel good. When I close my eyes and I pray I feel the vibrations of the Universe hugging me and this automatically makes me feel stronger. Everything that I write in this blog is things that I did or do in a daily basis that works and so I feel free to share with you guys because I know that your life will change as I did.

We are waking up every day to the Me On Focus Mantras (Morning Mantra *12) this are little prayers to ourselves… Believe me that praying to our soul is a game changer. We as human beings we need love and the best love that we can receive is the love that we give to ourselves. When we love ourselves we take care of ourselves we don’t let anything and anybody get on our way to happiness. When we love ourselves we respect ourselves more and we act upon making the best decisions in our lives acting out of fear.

Fear! Fear is our biggest enemy. Fear is the what keeps us from doing things that make us happy and one form of beating fear is praying. Yes, my friend when you feel the fear inside of you the best weapon that you have is a little prayer, a little mantra that can be something like this: “I Am Fearless! I Now decide to See Love instead of Fear!”

When we started our Morning Mantras posts I wrote about The Power of Mantras & Affirmations and prayers are the same thing just longer. I, for example, pray before I fall asleep, what I do is to think about the day being thankful about everything good or bad, I think about the next day being grateful already cause I have the certainty that the universe will help me to make it a great day. I thank the universe for all the blessings (family, health, etc…) and I pray the Universe and my Soul. Usually, my prayers are longer mantras that I formulate during the day, I’m sure that if you already started to meditate with us 5 minutes every morning you already have some of your own mantras written, the evening prayer nothing is but a longer mantra with a gratitude exercise.

In prayer ask for guidance, Ask your Inner Guide, ask the Universe to guide you to open the door to success and abundance in your life. Ask the Universe to treat you with love and care and tell the Universe exactly what you need to be and feel happy. Believe, trust and be firm and strong because the Universe is working to get you what you need.

We need to feed our Inner Guide (soul) with as much love as we can. We need to be grateful to the Universe and also have clear what we want so the Universe can work in our favour… Prayers come directly from our heart, prayers are sincere and humble.

Try to dedicate 5 minutes in the morning by meditating with our Mantra and try to give yourself those 10 minutes before falling asleep to pray.

Example of a Prayer that I love I got it from Gaby Bernstein.


I want to thank all of you for reading me, for following me on Instagram, for writing to me and for following this blog that I love so much. Writing is my happiness. I’m so very grateful to all of you and wish you all the best. Thank you so MUCH!



Psalm 23

My Religion is Love

It’s doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. Your Religion doesn’t matter either, cause at the end of the day what we all want is love. To be loved and to love. To live a peaceful life full of joy, health and peace.
Psalm 23 is the reassurance that we are loved and cared. Reading it in the morning or before bed gives you peace and serenity.

So today I start with my favourite Psalm and I wish you all to have a wonderful day. Be sure that there is a force that guides each one of us every day and every second of our life., so trust, have faith that you are going to succeed.

Have a wonderful day.

Psalm 23

A Psalm of David.

 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
 Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

 You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
 Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

to do list

Starting the Week!


This Morning I woke up feeling grateful and happy! I scrolled the pictures on my phone and found the Favourite Folder which I had forgotten about and to my surprise, it was full of funny pictures and quotes of Unicorns. It immediately brought me laughter.

So here it goes the To Do List for today! To remind us to chase our dreams no matter how crazy they seem to appear!

Have a nice day and week everybody!


It's not about the destination

It’s Not about The Destination…

This use to be my Motto years ago… I never ever thought about what I wanted to achieve,  and who I wanted to be in life. The only thing that I wanted to do was work and have fun. When I say have fun I mean to enjoy life, family, and friends, travel, read books and laugh, yes, laugh a lot!

I never thought about being successful, reaching the seven-figure income that now we hear the Gurus talk so much about. It’s all about “I’ll help you to reach the seven-figure income” nos a days is all about being successful and success is measured by having a massive house, a massive boat, a massive closet full of luxury, lots of everything.

Now don’t take me wrong who wouldn’t like that? who wouldn’t like to have all these beautiful things that we see on Youtube, it’s all about unboxing videos where you see this very well dressed and confident ladies opening this fantastic boxes and take out this very expensive bags! I personally love looking at this videos I like seeing the happiness and the joy in the eyes of this ladies when they hold the item in their hands, it’s probably the same face I make when I’m about to eat my favourite food… I love seeing the joy in the eyes of people and of course, I like looking at the bags and shoes.

Even though in the past I was never worried about visualizing the life I wanted by thinking about things I wanted to buy I found myself in these months where I’m struggling to beat anxiety with depression to read various self-help books, in some of the books they say create a vision board with the things you want to achieve in life, with the things you wanna have and look at it every day and focus on achieving them, the universe will conspire on your favour and re-adjust to make you have these items… Going through this hard time of my life in a crazy self-beating therapy I somehow tricked my old brain by lying to myself and I started to think that I’m not successful because I don’t have a Villa I started to measure the happiness of my life by the items I possess. So I started to look at houses I want to have, cars I want to drive, fancy places I want to visit, luxury clothes I want to wear and yesterday I decided that I was gonna print the pictures and create the vision board…

Bad Decision!

The moment I started to look at those things and thinking about putting them on the board the old manager in me came back with all its strength and power and started to yell at me!!!  “Hey, did you say board? Oh so things on the board mean problems to solve, so let’s start a plan, let’s start to work on procedures to make all this happen! Let’s analyze, calculate and put a project in place! Let’s think about productivity projects that will improve the financial health of this company (wait you are not in a company, whatever you are working from home) common no time to lose let’s do it, by the way, what’s the spending target and what is the cash flow?”

I felt the anxiety rushing and the need to take notes! Then I thought Gosh what am I doing to myself?! Do I really need all this pressure in life to be happy? Do I really need a 7 figure income to be happy? Do I really need the Villa? I know that if I work hard, focus and plan is possible, when you work hard there is no limit to what you can achieve. But the question is: Do I want to live my life with the destination on a board pressuring me all the time to arrive quick? Do I want to have these items on the board reminding me or better making me believe that my happiness depends on them? HECK NO!

Items are just items, they are just things… Which I’ll never love. My bags they are in the wardrobe forgotten I don’t think about them… Why do I want a boat that will limit my vacations? my brain would oblige me to use it! Why do I want a massive house to feel successful? am I gonna use all the bloody rooms every day? I looked at my house and remembered that I didn’t go to the living room the last 24 hours so if I would have a massive house it means I wouldn’t use all the rooms all the time so what’s the point? Do I really need to create a board with things that I don’t need as they say on the books? No, I don’t!

What I need is to live a happy life with no stress and pressure. What I need is to feel interior peace. I know what I’m capable of speaking about career and money. I know that anyone is capable of making money and tons of money. What I know is that if I’ll really want anything material I know how to make it happen. But, what I decided to do is to enjoy the journey of not pressuring myself with this vision board, what I decided to do is to go back to the old values that made me so happy.

Money, wealth is the consequences of your work it’s not a measurement system of your personal success!

Success cannot be measured by the amount of money/things a person have, cause anybody can make money but not everybody becomes successful…

I’ll enjoy the journey having the certainty that the destination is amazing and I’ll let life surprise with its wonderful destination.


It's not about the destination

Barbel Mohr

At Work!

Sorry is gonna be a very long post…!

No, I won’t continue the “What Happened” posts now because the last part is quite hard and painful so I’ve decided to wait till I get mentally stronger. But, as soon as I’ll be stronger get prepared cause the last bit is shocking… When I told a friend of mine which works for the European Committee that evaluates the investments funding for companies in Eastern Europe and told him why I’m currently not working he was very shocked and if a person like him got shocked you guys are probably getting also.

What I’m going to write about instead is how some little repetitive actions and behaviors can unconsciously affect peoples’ security up to the point the person becomes insecure and afraid of delivering a good job, and how being loyal at work can improve the relationship between colleagues and also between management and direction depending on your job. Another important thing is the cultural difference between people which also must be taken into consideration but, if there is respect, true commitment to the word given, loyalty and passion into giving yourself completely to the company as it was yours in those hours you spend at work than, there would be no problem cause everything I’ll write would come naturally and we wouldn’t see people leaving jobs for stress or depression, we would see people leaving companies just to upgrade their career… We all know that if a manager wants to step up his career and the company he/she works for doesn’t let him\her step up the person, of course, will have to leave. But I won’t be writing today how to grow your career but how to become a better person at work!

This weekend a friend came to visit me (yes, I’m again not leaving the house much) and she looked very sad so I asked her what is happening to you, why are you so sad? “people hate me at work! I arrived late few times and the manager instead of speaking to me went directly to the leadership and now I’m in big trouble. “The girls in reception speak badly about me on my back and I feel awkward every time I have to go to reception to pick up documents. I have a feeling that I don’t belong there and that they don’t want me there.” I listened to her quietly, she went on: ” I have too many appointments and I don’t have enough time to write all the procedures I do and a person that refused my advice came back in months later with the same problems and didn’t admit that I tried to guide and advice to the solution of the problem, so because I didn’t have time to write it down I had no defence and now everybody is questioning if I’m a good enough professional.” She stopped held her head and said: “This would have never happened in my country! People, there are not afraid of speaking the truth! Now I’m afraid to work, I’m afraid that people will think I’m not good at my job cause they’ll believe him instead of me”

She is right people here lie a lot to cover themselves, I myself got in trouble every day because of the lack of honesty and courage to own its own actions that people have at work, but I didn’t want to put alcohol in the already big fire that she had herself in. So I decided to analyze with her the problem and this is what came out:

  1. You are late often. Unfortunately in your country is normal and common to accept people to be late to 15 minutes. Its called acceptable delay, more than 15 minutes and you’re considered rude. Here, of course, is not acceptable so I told her that she definitely has to work on that also because if she arrives at work 30 minutes before the first scheduled hour she has time to organize her day and prepare herself. She immediately realised that yes she was on wrong on that and already planned how to change that.
  2. The girls in reception speaking badly about her. “Buy them Chocolates!” I told her, “and thank them for their hard work, tell them that they are doing an amazing job, apologize for the troubles they might have had with the clients because of being late.” At the end of the day who doesn’t love chocolate, and who doesn’t like to be appreciated for their hard work? Take the decision of seeing love instead and go on with your life maybe they will continue to gossip but gossiping is a habit like smoking and is hard to stop. They talk just to talk.
  3. The manager went to speak directly to the leadership instead of speaking to you, well that’s bad but maybe that’s the procedure… Maybe she cannot tell you the problem directly, maybe she was afraid of doing something wrong. So she asked for help. Maybe she thought that by telling you directly you would feel offended… Maybe she just can’t deal with problem-solving. Whatever it was we both know that back home it wouldn’t happen, the person would have told her maybe making a joke drinking a coffee and would have escalated the problem only if she couldn’t solve it alone but we are not at home here is different. Don’t be late 🙂
  4. I don’t have time to write all the information on the system. Well nothing to say about that cause if it’s part of your job, you do have to follow procedure! And from what I see the procedure saves your but big time from people that don’t really want to admit their responsibilities…

We both started to laugh, she realized that she could change all that was happening by reviewing her actions and by setting herself mentally into the rules of the country we are living in and also realized that if she plans her day she will yes have time to follow procedures. Procedures are good they save our arse! I am personally a big fan of procedures, wrote many myself and always explained in every quality control meeting that procedures save our jobs.

This conversation also helped me a lot to understand this last hard year I had… I reviewed my actions… But unfortunately, there was nothing I could have done, to improve or to fight against the mobbing and harassment I was going through at work, do the fact that I was physically working inside the clients’ factory as a supplier and my company would have most probably lost the contract if I would have escalated the problems to the clients leadership… At the end of the day, they kept me quite by threatening me. I didn’t want the company I worked for to lose the contract. I didn’t want to cause harm. I harmed myself!

Barbel Mohr