Humble and Forgiven

I don’t usually read the news but, scrolling the Facebook home it happens to see some random news from somewhere in the world and today as I scroll my Facebook feed I read “A wrongly convicted man who was paid $75 for 31 years of prison finally gets justice”, I opened the article and I get to read about a man in Tennesse, Lawrence McKinney who spent 31 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and finally after being released he was only paid $75 and had to finda lawyer to help him to get justice!

I thought that I would read the story of an angry man that would lay all his frustration (rightful frustration) against the government, the state, the institutions. I thought I was gonna read how he felt abandoned by the family and so on…

Well, I didn’t! The only thing Lawrence wanted when he hired the lawyer was to clean his name, he wanted a formal exoneration from the Governor’s Office and it wasn’t easy but, at the end he got it and not only he also got 1 Million Dollars.

Lawrence said he was happy to have the money so at least he wouldn’t have to work as hard as he worked in prison he continues by saying ” In prison I had to work so hard for nothing, my blessings and praise go out to God and number two my pastor he has always been there for me and my church has always been behind me. But my wife has really been right hand, she has always been there for me”

To my surprise no words of hate! No self-pity and not in one moment a hint of revenge or something… A truly humble man thankful to the people who helped him through this journey of hell and thankful to God! Lawrence Pastor said that he is so used to injustice that now he is trying to get his head around what justice looks like… “Lawrence is a Humble man who cares more about the time he has left in life than the past or the amount of money in his name, he hasn’t shown much interest in the money side of it, he wanted his name cleared, and the amazing thing, he wasn’t angry at anybody.

Lawrence said he holds no grudges for the years spent in prison he says God took away all the anger from his heart. He continues “If people paid attention to the situation that I went through, they’d see it’s just a blessing!”

Why am I writing this piece of information from a news feed? Because I was surprised that after so much pain this man could be so humble and peaceful to come out feeling nothing but gratitude and humility.

Every day we wake up in our beds and we feel angry at so many little things, for example, today my computer didn’t want to turn on and suddenly I started to get mad at the computer, then at the charger, then at Apple thinking about changing the computer for a Microsoft… I was planning how I would write an email to apple to let them know what a crappy job they made with this new freaking MacBook that didn’t even wanted to turn on itself… WTF!!! And then I stopped and I was like, what? You are mad because of this? really? Is this really affecting your mood so much? Is this little issue worth the stress you are making your soul go through? No, it isn’t! And all these thoughts that I’m writing today to you guys this is thoughts that ran through my mind maybe for 30 seconds? Maybe not even so long but, this made me realize how we human beings think negatively and with hate normally on a daily basis and who knows how many times a day we do that… How many do we say “WTF” or “S..T” during our day…?

And than from nothing I read this news and I realize how long the journey still is to reach that piece of mind to just let go every angry thought and just relax and just be calm appreciate the gift that we have “Life” and “Freedom” and do our best to take care of our soul by being forgiven and appreciative in every moment of our life…

How many times I got angry at a friend that said something wrong and then I went on with the feeling of having been betrayed… How many times in the car I had hatred thoughts about a person that did something wrong… How many times I got super angry and shouted at the poor lady that called trying to sell me some kind of insurance… And then reading a feed on facebook a discover a man that really suffered something imaginable, the biggest injustice a man can possibly suffer and his answer to all this are: Humbleness, Humility, Joy, Gratitude and Forgiveness…

Every Day Is A New Lesson…

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women 2018

International Women’s Day

It was hard for me to decide to write a post to celebrate the International Women’s Day today…

My mind goes back to everything I’ve been reading lately… and it didn’t make me feel happy…

I read some news from my country (Italy) about femicide… and I cried…

I thought about my life as a woman, my past, what I had to bear, fear of walking alone during the night… Fear of being closed in an office with a man shouting at me… Sitting on the bus and suddenly had to stand up and move because of a man rubbing his intimate parts on me… and unfortunately many other things that I won’t write here. So yes that doesn’t make me happy!

I think about how many girls were mutilated today, violated, and killed… Not Happy!

My thought went to all the girls and women that today were beaten by their husbands or by their father or brothers… Not happy!

I think about all the women having to sell themselves to survive! I’m not happy!

I think about all the girls that cannot study because they are girls. I’m not happy!

I think about how many women today are discriminated for being women. Paid less for having a vagina! How many women today lost their job because became pregnant! How many women today cried in the bathroom feeling humiliated by a man! I’m not happy!

I think about all the women that had to hear “you were wearing a skirt you deserved it”

I’m not happy!



Let’s teach our boys to respect women.

Let’s defend women




Maya Angelou

You Have Power

Our last quote of the weekend for the book Mom, Me & Mom is the phrase that all of us would like to hear everytime insecurity and doubt finds us.

Nothing better to read it this Sunday night before bed and have it on our phone as a reminder throughout Monday.


Have a wonderful start of the week.

Thank you for reading, Mom, Me & Mom


Maya Angelou

Support Yourself

Support and believe in Yourself before you ask or pretend that someone else supports you.

We need or better have to know exactly want we want and we need or better have to trust, believe and support ourselves at all times.

Sit down meditate and journal. You will find a way to support yourself. We have all the answers inside ourselves.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Thank you for reading me.

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Mom me and mom

Mom, Me & Mom

Maya Angelou lived her life fully she was the first black female streetcar conductor, she was a dancer, sex worker, singer, writer, poet and civil rights activists. For me? For me she is one of my greatest inspirations and reading her books makes me feel like everything is possible.

mom me and mom


What I admire the most is Maya Angelou’s security and sincerity on openly saying and owning every decision and experience she had in her life. When we think about the era she was living I can only hardly imagine how tough it must have been to be an African American woman wanting to live life to the fullest.

Mom me and mom

In this Book “Mom, Me and Mom” she writes about her relationship with her mother Vivian Baxter which she describes right at the beginning of the book by saying that she was an awful mother to small children but the best mother to adult children.

Maya Angelou was abused at the age of 7 but never victimises herself, she was abandoned by her mother in tender age but again never victimises herself. She was bitten and suffered all kinds of awful treatments that never ever should a person go through and again she didn’t victimise herself. She became a mother at a very young age and that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams.

Vivian baxter

It’s absolutely fantastic how Vivian Baxter loved her daughter so deeply that was incapable of judging her even in the worst moments when Maya didn’t really follow her mother’s lesson and points of views, her mother was there for her with her heart in her hands ready to uplift her not judging or imposing her thoughts.  Also, Maya didn’t judge her mother at all.

Maya Angelou

What I personally will keep safe in my heart after reading this book is that life is simple! Problem? no way, just solution! A dream that seems impossible? No, nothing is impossible.

Love, simply pure love that’s what you get when you read this book! Some parts will be very tough, you will struggle a little to understand some decisions made but then you’ll realise that maybe we tend to make things too complicated wanting life to be perfect and life is not perfect. Our vision of perfect mothers and perfect daughters will make you judge this two women but believe me it will be just for a few seconds because after that your judgemental self-seeker of perfection will show you that there is actually nothing wrong and life goes on. You’ll see that there are no rules there are no right methods to raise a child or to live but your own way. After reading this book you’ll see lots of life differently and with love.

Maya Angelou 1

Oprah Winfrey has Maya Angelou as a Mother and I totally understand why… She says that Maya Angelou is her biggest inspiration repeats to herself one of Maya’s most famous phrases each time she has to speak in public:

I come as one

Barack Obama said Maya Angelou taught all women that self-worth has nothing to do with what the world might say! February 15, 2011, Obama awarded Maya with the Medal of Freedom.


Maya left us May 28, 2014, at the age 86. Rest in Peace Maya you always will be the greatest inspiration to all women now and in the future. Thank you for all you did for us.


Thank you all for reading and please check Oprah’s podcast here




Diane Von Furstenberg

The Woman I wanted to Be

I think you are already sick of knowing that for months I wasn’t able to read and, I keep repeating it because it was the thing that most bothered me during this last months… But hey, this part of my life ended and now I’m back reading as there is no tomorrow!!!


Last week I read a wonderful book by Diane Von Furstenberg, for who of you that don’t know who this wonderful lady is, she is the creator of the wrap dress… Still not sure? Ok,  for who of you that don’t know what a wrap dress is no problem, it will be enough to tell you that if you want to read about strong women this is the right book for you!

This would be a wonderful book also for men, cause it would open your eyes to the women’s’ mysteries and strength based on love. Yes, women power is held and supported by their love.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg describes her life and her mother’s life in a beautiful loving way, going through the years showing that freedom and the courage of accepting ourselves for who we really are is the most important thing and we owe it to ourselves.  The courage of listening to her instincts gives to the reader the courage to follow their own convictions knowing that their instincts will never fail them. She’s fearless and totally committed to becoming the women she wants to be.

The sincerity of owning her life and her decisions no matter what.

Princess, woman, wife, lover, daughter, mother and grandmother she wrote owning her life, her decisions and her mistakes in good and bad being loyal to herself.


Reading this book I felt that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and that love is the fundamental key to everything.

DVF Meonfocus

Diane starts her book relating the story of her mother Lily Nahmias. Diane drags you back to the Second World War and your heart will disintegrate with the courage of the back then young girl, Lily, going to Auschwitz repeating the mantra “Fear is Not an Option”! An example of fearless unconditional love to live.

” God has saved my life so that I can give you life”

Lily Nahmias

This is the story of a successful woman that could have chosen to live her life in an easy and comfortable way but that instead decided that she was gonna become the woman she wanted to be no matter what it took. Brave, Loving and passionate.

“I am the daughter of a Woman who went to the concentration camp with a smile”

Diane Von Furstenberg

I recommend you to read this book and get inspired, for those that already read it, please leave your thoughts below.

The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read, and she is definitely a role model.

Thank you for reading me!





Role Model – Coco Chanel

Hello All,

Once a month I’m going to post about a Woman which I consider a role model. It won’t be necessarily a famous person she might be anybody that I admire.

Today I want to start this new appointment by writing about my number one role model, the woman which brings me the most inspirations. Since I was a little girl my desire was to grow to be a strong and determined woman as Coco Chanel! I remember that at the beginning I didn’t understand that she really existed, my Italian grandmother always spoke about Coco Chanel when she was getting ready to go out, she would tell me about the revolution on Fashion that she brought, about the perfume and about the bag! OMG, the bag if I close my eyes I can see my grandmother grabbing her gloves and the bag to leave the house… Beautiful! So hearing my grandmother speak I thought she was some sort of princess from a fairytale.

I don’t want to write Coco Chanel’s Biography because I found online a fantastic slide of pictures that explains her life in a gorgeous way…(I’ll leave the link below) instead I want to tell you why she is my role model.

  • She was born poor (it wasn’t an excuse for her not to succeed in her life)
  • Her mother died when she was 12 (the same thing… she didn’t use this as an excuse)
  • Her father abounded her and her sister in an orphanage (She didn’t play the victim! Instead she let the uniform of the orphanage inspire her and used what she learned to create Chanel)
  • Her dream was to become a singer and/or actress she didn’t make it.. (but first of all she wanted to succeed so she didn’t let herself down just changed the plan)
  • The love of her life died in an accident. (She could have got into depression, made excuses and not go on working to achieve success instead she worked even harder to be able to overcome the grieve)
  • Fashion determined that woman had to wear a corset… (she went against the flow and succeeded)
  • She wanted to free women. (Succeeded)
  • Wanted woman to be comfortable. (Succeeded)
  • The war made her business slow down in Paris. (for her it wasn’t a problem… she moved and went on… )
  • She wanted her name to make history. (Succeeded she made history she changed history)

She won, against every stereotype that existed on those years. She was successful and her name lasts through the years…

Her name will live forever …

Thank you


You can read her biography Here.

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