You Are The Creator

You Create Your Own Universe as You go Along…

-Winston Churchill-

I receive many questions on how to manifest the life you want, the life you wish and dream of everytime you lay your head on the pillow… and I’m sure many of you manifest without even knowing that you are manifesting… and you know why? Because it’s a natural thing we are born with the ability to manifest, we as human beings are energy and we attract things in our lives, in good and bad, the only thing that we must understand is that we must control this power.

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Law of Attraction

The Universe is Asking

Show me your new you!

Who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to become? How do you want people to see you, but most important when you lay in bed after a long day how do you want to feel about yourself? When you look at yourself in the mirror what kind of person do you want to see?

This are the questions I’m asking myself constantly! Do you ask yourself this questions? I’m sure you do and you will agree with me that at the beginning is painful! It’s hard to work on ourselves and think about exactly what and who we want to be especially if this is not your reality right now, because you look and think about yourself and you don’t see yet what you want to see so most probably what you’ll do is to stop thinking about what you want, you’ll start instead focusing on the things that you don’t like and will get angry at yourself or you will start some kind of self-pity and there it goes… you will make up excuses so not to focus on the future.

How do I know that? I did that and sometimes I still do it.

How do you stop that?

Well, easy! stop right now! No thinking, just stop!

Close your eyes and ask your soul to be kind to you… Speak to yourself as you would be speaking to a child.

Example: Please, Lucy, stop thinking and saying all these bad things, stop being negative you are harming yourself. I love you let me help you.

Repeat a Mantra so that you can calm yourself, repeat a mantra so that you can feed your mind with confidence and self-love to better do the exercise.

Example: I love myself, I am calm and confident to achieve everything my soul desires.

Get yourself out of your reality, pick up a notebook and start writing, describe the person you want to become. Imagine every aspect of this new you. If per example you want a new job, change profession or start a new business write down on the top of the page what is the target you want to achieve:

Profession, write down what is your job even if you don’t do that yet.

Ask yourself and write down:

What is your job? 

Where do you work?

What is the name of the company you are working for, or what is the name of the company you want to open?

How do you dress to go to work?

Do you drive to work or do you work from home?

How are your colleagues, or do you have employees? How are they? how is their personality?

How much money do you make? What is your salary? Do you receive bonuses? How often?

How many days of vacation do you have? Where do you go on vacation?

How many hours do you work per day? How many days do you work?

Imagine yourself working at the job you want and dream about! Imagine yourself during the interview, imagine yourself happy and confident talking to your future boss! Imagine your boss smiling at you at telling you that you got the job. Feel inside of you that deep feeling of success and accomplishment. Feel your body reacting to joy and imagine your partner and your family celebrating with you and telling how great you are! Get emotional and feel it.

If what you want is to establish a new business, open your company or whatever the dream is that makes your heart sing write it down and answer all the questions that your mind will bring.


What is the business gonna be about?

What am I gonna sell?

What services will I offer?

How much money will I make?

How many clients will I have?

What are the clients gonna say and think about my company?

How many employees will I have? 

How much money will I make per year?

Imagine yourself signing the papers to open your company, imagine you building the social media of your company and open it right now why not? Imagine your first client, imagine yourself busy happy and successful. Imagine everything that makes your heart sing.

Reread what you wrote and follow every word with your finger, read it out loud as many times as you wish and feel the joy as it is already happening.

The following days continue working on your visualization and mentalization, manifest every day exactly what you want and the most important immerse yourself in the highest sense of gratitude take yourself back to a memory of the past where you received something that you wanted very very much and remember the feelings that you were feeling in that moment and drag that moment from the past to your present and thank the universe with the same passion your mind remembers from the past. Thank your clients, imagine every client, imagine their smiles and their positive feedback.


Thank you for this amazing job.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you my company is so successful my heart is full of joy. 

Thank you for all these clients.

Thank you for all this money coming into my bank account.

Thank you for all the abundance.

Continue manifesting every day and manifest anything you want and makes your heart sing. Don’t worry about the how because the how is everything gonna happen in your life is not your problem. Everything will happen, opportunities will appear in your life, what you will have to do is to be active and motivated to grab every opportunity that will come to your life, so don’t sit on the sofa waiting but get moving!

Thank you so much for reading.






Be Courages

With this quote a say Goodbye to the month of March…

Thank you Universe for this amazing Month for all the lessons learned and all the blessings.

April is almost here and I will start the new Month with the belief that the Universe has my Back and I’m capable of achieving everything I desire.

Thank you for everybody that follows and reads Me On Focus I wish you all a great month of April… Be thankful and grateful for March and start April with the certainty that you will succeed!

Thank you 🙏🏽

What - Me on Focus

It’s About You

What Would You Do If?

It’s the time to raise up and stand in the light of who you are!

This Sunday take a deep breath and think about all you want to do, who you want to be, where you wanna go and what you want to achieve.

I would like you to take your journal and write down all the emotions that come from this visualisation and I want you to write at the end of this exercise “I’m Ready”.

You are ready! The world is ready and waiting for you.

What - Me on Focus

Thank you for reading and have a great full of blessings start of the week.



Passion Me On Focus

What’s Your Passion?

Good Morning All, I hope you are all well and that you had a great weekend.

Monday Hurray!!! Motivation Monday!

Passion Me On Focus

We start early this morning asking ourselves the most important questions of all: What’s my Passion? What am I passionate about? If I could do whatever I want, what would I do?

Let’s think, take your journal meditate and write down letting your emotions flow, don’t be ashamed of letting your heart speak for you. Dream, try to remember the last time you were thinking about You and only You, who did you wanna become? What kind of person you imagined? What were you doing?

After that think about how would you feel if you were doing exactly the job of your dreams…?

I’m doing the same exercise these days and I’ll share it with you this afternoon U.K time.

Have a wonderful Day Everybody.

Thank you for reading me.



Me On Focus Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting Abundance Part 1

Wednesday rhymes with Manifestation, right? Well not really but here on Me on Focus we make our own rules and yes it does rhyme… hehehehehe

Manifesting Abundance… wow we are definitely gonna talk a lot about this topic but, first let’s take a look at what Abundance really means…

Abundance: Plentifulness of the Good Things of Life, Degree of Plentifulness

Synonymous: Copiousness, Plenteousness and generosity.

Very nice but, Abundance is too important to have just a few definitions or meanings… Abundance is whatever we want it to be. Abundance is like a white canvas we draw it and colour it as we like creating all the shades and shapes that we like and we can go on and on painting and writing and drawing as we wish and, we can also erase re-shape re-dimension and re-write as we go on, because there are no rules on our Abundance.

Yes, our Abundance. Each one of us has its vision of what is Abundance. Yes, we are gonna keep writing ABUNDANCE big and bigger because we want it, it’s ours! It’s important is our happiness and the happiness of our family and friends around us.

What is Abundance for you?

Every Wednesday we are going to speak about Abundance, how we can understand what is it for us and how to shape it for while we build it and achieve it.

Today I want to leave you with what is for me one of the biggest examples of a person that had the white canvas in front of her and drew it, built it, and re-shaped it many many times until she understood what Abundance is for her.

Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen) on of the most inspiring people I follow… Listen to her podcast talking about Manifesting Abundance, and don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment I would love to know if for you this podcast is as powerful as it is for me.

Me On Focus Manifesting Abundance

You can find all her podcasts on her web page and the podcast I’m talking about  is “Manifesting Abundance” her second podcast.

Thank you so much for reading.




The picture is taken from Google and Belongs to Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl.

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Manifesting Love

Two years ago… Yes only two years ago I was going through a phase where I was unhappy in every field of my life you can possibly imagine.

The worst was the feeling of not being able to change anything that was literally devastating me. I was not working. I stayed at home all day long just thinking about what was not good and yes, the more I was thinking about the things that weren’t good and the more things seemed to get worst.

My sentimental life was ended. I still lived with my ex but we were both not into each other anymore. We didn’t speak about it but we knew that our relationship was way gone, we were afraid of it because we both felt that we could get it back together but we both didn’t do anything to get it better.

I personally was afraid of leaving him. My thoughts were:  What about if he changes and I wasn’t willing to wait? What about if I leave him and then regret it? We slept in separate rooms because I personally didn’t want to even eat with him, impossible to think that I would want to share the same room and bed…! This was so frustrating, during the day when I was alone at home I would think about how to possibly forgive him and save our relationship and when he arrived at home I would do everything to stay away from him. I didn’t understand this feeling.


I heard about “The Secret” and decided to watch the movie. I got really emotional, I remember crying while watching it, went on watching it all day… It says that you should write down what you want as if you already had it, and this is what I did! I wrote down exactly how I wanted my man to be. I remember feeling the joy of hearing the key turning in the lock to open the door when he arrived. I imagined the happiness and the love I felt inside looking at him (even though I didn’t imagine his face) I was imagining my face, my expressions while seeing him, hearing his voice. I visualised exactly how his hug and kiss felt and, I felt the love, the warmth of all those feelings were bringing me.

I was living a very controlled life, my ex would control everything, he would read everything and would search in my bedroom for any evidence that I was doing something wrong during the day. So I couldn’t keep a journal and write down my thoughts and my plans. I couldn’t write down how I was visualising and manifesting love. But I had my phone and it had the fingerprint he couldn’t control that… So I downloaded an app and started to journal using the app. I wrote down the exact description of the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.


Everything that you would imagine was written in the description of the man I imagine would become the love of my life.

I remember that one of the requisites that I wrote twice was that He was supposed to be a person incapable of judging others, which made me laugh when I wrote it because this is so hard, almost impossible, we as humans we judge each other even if we don’t want to, but I was so determined that the love of my life had to had all those qualities that I didn’t care how hard or impossible it was I just wanted what was for me the perfect man. I wrote everything down and happiness just flew into my heart, I suddenly felt so happy that when my ex-arrived home I couldn’t hide my happy expression from him. He immediately asked where I’ve been that day and if I met somebody. He couldn’t understand where all that light came from.

Every day I would re-read what I wrote down and after I finished I always said if this man exists I’ll meet him and I’ll marry him, he will want to marry me and we will live together for the rest of our life.

Months pass by, the relationship with my ex got worst and worst. I found a job. He went back to Italy for the summer vacations and I decided that I wouldn’t go with him. That made us fight even more but he went and I was finally free to be happy alone at home without stress and that was the best month of my life where I got to find myself, meditate and visualise my future.

Over time I read the notes about the love of my life I truly believed that he was gonna arrive and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t want anything less than exactly what was written down.


So it happened after exactly 7 months from the date I wrote down how my future husband was supposed to be  I met the love of my life on my new job, in one week we decided to go live together, in two months he asked me to marry him, in 5 months we got married and is one year and a half that we are happily together. And yes he is exactly the man described in the journal app of my phone. Yes, every detail I wrote is him.

Yes, visualisation, manifesting and meditation works, yes we can attract people to our lives. Yes, our mind is powerful and there is nothing we cannot achieve with the power of our thoughts… Good or Bad we are gonna attract it and, yes we must stay focused and use our power in the most positive way to manifest a happy life.

I hope that you, reading this right now, no matter what kind of situation you are living in, you will have the power to change everything! Starting NOW!

thank you for reading.

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