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Me On Focus Podcast

Podcast – Signs & Symptoms of Depression

Hello All, if you prefer listening to the podcast instead of reading the blog post (blog post here) you can click on one of the links below and you will be redirected to the podcast. Anchor: Apple Podcast: Overcast: Pocket Casts: This is a list of the most common […]

Mental Health Awarness

Promoting Positive Mental Change

Today, May 14 starts the Mental Health Awareness Week and we are very happy to have a special Guest. Michael Nulty the Author of “Getting Beyond What Is”.  When you experience a traumatic or extremely distressful situation, your life can quickly fall apart. You become consumed by what only […]

Be Courages

With this quote a say Goodbye to the month of March… Thank you Universe for this amazing Month for all the lessons learned and all the blessings. April is almost here and I will start the new Month with the belief that the Universe has my Back and […]

Evening Mantra

The Power of Prayer

A Little Disclaimer before you start reading 🙂 When we say Pray, Prayer or Praying we immediately have that image of a person on their knees in a church reciting some kind of prayer. It doesn’t matter what is the religion we have this image… So before I start […]

Psalm 23

My Religion is Love

It’s doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. Your Religion doesn’t matter either, cause at the end of the day what we all want is love. To be loved and to love. To live a peaceful life full of joy, health and peace. Psalm 23 is […]

to do list

Starting the Week!

This Morning I woke up feeling grateful and happy! I scrolled the pictures on my phone and found the Favourite Folder which I had forgotten about and to my surprise, it was full of funny pictures and quotes of Unicorns. It immediately brought me laughter. So here it […]

Barbel Mohr

At Work!

Sorry is gonna be a very long post…! No, I won’t continue the “What Happened” posts now because the last part is quite hard and painful so I’ve decided to wait till I get mentally stronger. But, as soon as I’ll be stronger get prepared cause the last […]