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Morning Mantra 32

Morning Mantra *33

Today’s Morning Mantra goes directly to the point! Let’s focus on our life, our work and everything that we want to achieve so let’s visualise and mentalise. Close your eyes and breath: Inhale Slowly – Hold It – Exhale Slowly Repeat the breathing exercise as many times as […]

Morning Mantra 32

Morning Mantra *32

Have you ever stopped to think about if you trust yourself? Have you ever stopped to tell yourself how strong and powerful you are? Have you ever stopped to think about your intelligence? On how good you are on doing something? Have you ever stepped in front of […]

Morning Mantra 31

Morning Mantra *31

Morning Meditation with the use of Mantras is a powerful tool to start our day on the right foot. So let’s start today by breathing… Inhale Slowly – Hold It For a Few Seconds – Exhale Slowly Repeat the breathing as many times as you need. Now think […]

Morning Mantra 29

Morning Mantra *29

Happy Monday Everybody, let’s start this week breathing in slowly and exhaling through our mouth as many times as you wish, think about all your blessing and say Thank You. You might be asking why we always emphasize the breathing so much, breathing well is essential in calming […]

Morning Mantra 28

Morning Mantra *28

Good Morning In order to receive what you desire in life, you need to be grateful for what you already have and you must be ready… Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful for what you have because when problems knock in the door we tend to just look […]

Morning mantra 27

Morning Mantra *27

When our vision is clear we fear nothing! When we have decided what makes us joyful when we are focused on achieving what makes us happy and we are focused knowing deep inside that we will get it there is no place for fear! The 100% belief, the security […]

Morning Mantra 26

Morning Mantra *26

I Can See It In My Mind, I know I Will Hold It In My Hand… Today we start reading the Mantra, is Friday we are all very tired and this Mantra is a statement of certainty, we are certain that we can achieve whatever is in our mind, […]

Morning Mantra 25

Morning Mantra *25

Sometimes you might feel insecure about what you are doing, about decisions you might have taken or somebody might drop a comment that in that moment makes you feel insecure, uncertain about what will happen next. This moment, this little thought can cause a million reactions to you, to your […]

Morning Mantra 24

Morning Mantra *24

I Live in Unlimited Abundance … This besides being a beautiful powerful Mantra is also your birthright, all of us have the right and the power to live in Unlimited Abundance. The Universe is there waiting for us to be ready. Are you ready to receive abundance? So what […]