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Me On Focus Group

In this months our team grew and we are very grateful! The Universe has blessed and is blessing us every day opening doors and bringing amazing opportunities that will help us spread our message and reach more people.

Here you can get to know our team better and if you have questions write to us, your emails bring immense Joy.


Lucy Gleisz

CEO, Founder

(The Voice and Face behind Me On Focus)

“It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey”


Hello All and Welcome to Me On Focus <3

I’m Lucy and currently living in the UK, originally from Italy.

Former manager, I used to work in electronic companies around the world in industries that varied from automotive to Smart Homes technology, my last experience was in Aerospace.

On July 4th, 2017 I had a panic attack and soon I have been diagnosed with Anxiety with Depression. For several months I couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed when I finally decided to get out of bed and stay in the living room it was a great victory. For several months I wasn’t able to read and get out of the house. My life changed! I became a closed person that couldn’t speak to anybody.

One day I decided to open my Kindle to see if I could be motivated to start reading a book and scrolling through old purchases I found a book that I’ve read years before called “Crochet Saved My Life” by Kathryn Vercillo I didn’t read the book, instead I searched for my hooks and threads and started to crochet.

Crochet helped me to stop thinking… Usually, when a person has depression she/he cannot think properly when they think the thoughts are all messy and it seems like you are thinking about million things at the same time… Crochet helped me to think only about the work I was doing and about the colours… This calmed my thoughts and helped me to start thinking about one thing at the time.

Slowly I calmed myself to a point where finally I was able to make a decision about returning or not to work. I decided not to. I decided that my health was more important than a job and that I was gonna take limitless time off from corporate life.

I took the decision to focus on myself first in order to heal, to find joy within me and consequently being able to give love to my family.

In 4 months I was able to finally read a magazine without starting shaking… Also, I was finally able to go outside the house with my husband for short coffees.

Six months after my panic attack I was finally reading books, writing and going out for short periods of time.

Now I can finally say that I’m well. I’m in control.

Now I can finally make plans and now I can finally see a bright future ahead of me.

I decided to change my profession and to follow what were my real dreams, I’m currently studying psychology.

I am a:




Trying to become Vegan…

Trying to stop the worst habit ever… Smoke!

I’m married to the most wonderful man, which I like to call “My Hungarian Prince”.

A true believer of positivity and law of attraction.

We can achieve whatever we want, we just need to focus and believe…

A mantra lover

Crochet addicted

Avid reader…

My Daily Mantra is:

Abundance Comes Into My Life In Surprising and Miraculous Ways


Gabor Gleisz

Director and Founder

(The Organized Mind of Me On Focus Group)

My organized mind was born in Hungary and through years of studies became an engineer’s one. Studied engineering, manufacturing, finance, management and all possible subjects about these topics through the years.

From early childhood, I was interested in the power and connectivity of our minds and from 2003 onwards I have studied and practiced in various fields of the subject from Silva method of Brain control, through NLP to firewalking and a lot more.

Was fortunate visit or work and live in most of the continents with the exception of South America. My work was mainly in large global companies in manufacturing, finance, and leadership ranging from lamp making through healthcare and including banking and others. Also experienced the fascinating and open world of startups.

I had a few defining moments in my life with the most significant being 25th of November 2015 when I met Lucy my loving wife and spiritual extension of my soul.

Having lived through the experience of depression and anxiety with Lucy and utilizing the best of myself to help her to regain herself we became the core team of MeOnFocus with the mission of putting our knowledge and experience to the good use of those who can benefit from it.

We founded Me On Focus group dedicated to Self Development helping you to create a balanced life reaffirming the connection with your inner self, creating a foundation of spirituality that guides, improves and helps you to live your life to the fullest extent.

I am:

Ignitor and embracer of change

Strong believer of the power of our mind and connection to the universe

Passionate about helping others

An avid learner and open to new experiences

Vegetarian for almost 20 years now

My daily mantra… “Today I will choose happiness”