I was born in 1981 in South of Brazil and raised in many countries… Life has turned around many times, sometimes in bad but most of the times in good.

The last 4 years I’ve been living in UK, an amazing country with lovely people and I’m corrently working in an Aerospace company.

I’m married to the most wonderful man, which I like to call “My Hungarian Prince”.

This blog exists as a way for me to escape from the daily stress and focus on what I love the most and on life changes that I want to make.

I’m a minimalist.

A true believer of positivity and law of attraction.

we can achieve whatever we want, we just need to focus and believe…


I was born in 1969 in Hungary and had the fortune to work in many countries on all continents with the exception of South America. Maybe life presented with getting to know the culture of that part of the globe by marrying a beautiful Brazilian.

Spent the last 3 years in the UK in the beautiful South West…. almost no matter which direction you go in here you will find gorgeous seaside places!

We decided to create this blog with Lucy to share a piece of our life, as we have seen, learned and experienced a lot, maybe we could give some inspiration and insight to others by posting.

I have experienced the law of attraction many ways in my life, which brought me to most of my experiences, brought true love to my life.

As my grandfather taught me…. There is no such thing as impossible, just inertness… In other words …. Believe it and do it!