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Michael Nulty Podcast

Hello All,

I’m so happy and very Emotional today because we have our first Interview in our Podcast and we are so grateful and thankful for this new Me On Focus Adventure! I cannot explain how I’m feeling right now seeing that all that I’ve been working so hard to achieve is happening… I’m so grateful for the wonderful People that trusted me and decided to dive into this adventure with me. I want to thank my Husband first of all for supporting me and I want to thank Michael Nulty for starting this project with me.

The Me On Focus Podcast project is a dream come true, my hope is that every one of you can find inspiration from the wonderful people we will speak to and will be able to change your life to better, to a life that makes your heart sing.

Michael Nulty Podcast

Today we have an Amazing Interview with Michael Nulty! He is very inspiring and with his knowledge and experience can help a lot of people to fight against depression and start to build a new life. Michael Nulty is an Author a Psychologist has a vast knowledge on how to battle against depression he battled depression two times and won, Michael went through many phases in his life and battled first to learn to accept himself and from that moment he battled to build the life that brings him joy to arrive at this moment today where he is in peace and living an abundant life he passed through grieve, losing a business and facing depression because of this… But, Michael is an extremely strong person and knowing the power of the law of attraction and Inner Guides was able to recover and build a new life in a beautiful Spanish island.

Michael Nulty

Michael is the proof that you, my friend, can also reborn from whatever situation you are facing right now, it all depends on how you are going to act from today.

We wanted to have the written version of the Interview but the interview transformed into a chat between friends and it is longer then we thought so we decided to post here on the blog the links so you can go and listen if you want the written version of the Interview please let us know and we will post it later.


Getting Beyond what is

The surprises for this first Podcast Friday are not ending!!! Michael Nulty was so kind as to give us one book and a 1 hour one to one coaching session with him. To participate you just need to go to Instagram follow Michael Nulty Author and Me On Focus Blog like both Pages, Like both the Picture that you see below on both feeds. 

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The first Friday of June ( 04/06/18) one of you will win Michael’s Nulty Book “Getting Beyond What Is” and another will win 1 hour of coaching that I’m sure will change your life Michael has a vast knowledge is a psychologist and will guide you through whatever is that you will need to focus into during the one-hour session…

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