Morning Mantra *22

Morning Mantra 22

We are starting the week 18 with the Moon in Scorpio which brings up all the emotions the Moon in Scorpio encourages you to express and begin a transformation, so this week is a great week to sit down with your journal and write down your true feelings and everything that you desire deep in your heart.

Today’s Mantra is a reminder of who you are, today is all about getting prepared to start the day and the week with strength and courage.

I Am Resilient, Strong and Ready 

Take a minute re-read the Mantra and let us start our breathing exercise so that we can calm down and open our mind and soul to receive these words of love and care to ourselves.

Close your eyes – Inhale Slowly  – Hold it for 3 Seconds – Exhale Slowly 

Repeat the breathing as many times you wish and start repeating the mantra:

I Am Resilient, Strong and Ready 

Today remember to love yourself, to say words to yourself which will inspire you and keep you motivated. Set a reminder on your phone and when the alarm goes on repeat the mantra in your mind breathing slowly.

Success is waiting for you ready to give you the life you deserve. Are You Ready? Yes, I know you are.

If you didn’t do yesterday exercise make some time for yourself today and do yesterday’s exercise. click here 

Have a Wonderful Day and Week

Morning Mantra 22