Yellow Lentil Cream Soup

äääMe On Focus is almost completing one year… And to Celebrate I’m going to re-post some older posts. We start with a recipe :)äúä
Enjoy 🙂

Me On Focus

Hello All 🙂

Got a little bit stuck on how to start writing this post… I looked around on other sites and started to write the recipe and the ingredients trying to be the more professional I could, but it didn’t sound like me! I want this blog to reflect the real me and the real me would try to describe the tastes and the feelings that this Soup brought me while I was preparing it and while (of course) I was eating it.

I’m totally enabled to follow a recipe! all the recipes that I cook every day come from my heart… Some dishes that you’ll see going forward were taught or showed if you like my two grandmas. Absolutely divine cooks one from Italy and the other one from Brazil, so the mix of flavour is granted 🙂

So here we go with my first recipe…

I like…

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