Suddenly the Change…

Suddenly for no reason at all something changed!

In one of my first posts I explained “Why, Me on Focus?” There I explained about some changes that I went through and why I called this blog Me On Focus, and today Here am I again to tell you about more changes that I’m making and will make on my life. (I’ll leave the link below)

All of you already know about the journey to become a minimalist I’ve been talking about it a lot in this blog and, during the past weeks I realised that the journey of becoming a minimalist is changing me drastically in a positive way. Practically I’m starting to reconnect to my real me that somehow was hidden deep inside.

When I decided to become a minimalist my thought was to get rid of the items I didn’t want, that I don’t like and that I don’t need to make place to only the things I really wanted.  My initial thought was “well, instead of buying one bag or purse a month just because it looks cute and I sort of like it, I’ll save that money and get my Louis Vuitton, my speedy boundalier in demier ebene and that will be my day bag… Than I’ll save the money to buy my Chanel bag to use when I go out at night and speacial occasions…” And I was so happy, I felt so speacial. Than I went to Boots and saw all the make up and thought no! I won’t buy a lot of cheap make up… I’ll buy one or two items but they will Chanel or Dior… and so I did. For some months instead of a lot of things I went on buying just one or two but, branded yeah luxury items… And I was so happy and felt special.

Now wait a minute… Why am I doing this? Why do I have to pay 10 times more for a thing that I could buy cheaper? Why do I have to buy Chanel things to make me happy? Does this Dior eyeliner makes me feel more beautiful? And so I went on and on and on questioning everything!!!

The change (I know it will sound crazy) began when two weeks ago I decided to buy for 15 pounds a backpack. I decided that I wanted to fit my iPads, my journal and a pair of sandals in my beautiful Michael Kors bag and it didn’t fit, so I thought ok let’s try a backpack! This decision was so unexpected me buying a backpack? Crazy. Me the eternal crossbody leather cool bag girl was buying a backpack OMG my friends were looking at me like, what happened to you?

Backpack - Me on focus

Yes, what happened to me? This normal 15 pounds backpack changed my life! I suddenly wasn’t afraid of leaving the bag on the floor, suddenly I wasn’t afraid anymore about stuffing my bag with food, water, shoes and my iPads. This somehow made me feel so free. I can’t really explain what happened to my crazy brain but I realised that I don’t have to buy expansive stuff to make me happy. I realised that this simple thing of buying a backpack meant a lot more for me. This made me somehow feel free. Suddenly I didn’t care that I was wearing a backpack and not a beautiful purse or bag… Suddenly i realised that I don’t need to look cool and in style… What I really need is to feel free and happy.

Now, you’ll think Lucy you are crazy!!! Common it’s a backpack… No dear friends it wasn’t just this.

It’s crazy how our mind plays with us. The backpack made me remember when was the last time I were a backpack and my memory took me back to when I was 16 years old, in one of the happiest moments of my life. I saw in front of me the young me sitting on the floor of her bedroom organising the few things she had into a backpack ready to go to Malaysia… I remembered what I had (not much) and how happy I was, my life was inside of two backpacks and I was happy. Back there my dream was to travel the world and be free. My dream was to be able to go around with my favourite things and being able to carry them with no problems so I wouldn’t need to have a trolley.

I was happy about life, about this beautiful world and not about things!

The change that happened to me in this two weeks is that I remembered who is the real me and what I really want, how I really want to live in this world and, now I know exactly what changes I must make to become the person I wanted to become.

The change started…

I hope you all will follow me during this period of change also with suggestions and please leave your comments, are you experiencing my same situation? What were your dreams? Share them with me, if you don’t want to leave a comment here write me an email or ask me for friendship on Facebook, search for lucy gleisz we can chat. Also if you like follow me on Instagram guess 🙂 yes you can find me lucy gleisz all my accounts are the same 🙂 I’ll be very happy to meet all of you guys.

If you want to read here is my first post “Why me on Focus”

Thank you for reading me, I wish you all lots of love ❤️





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