Affirmations #1

Affirmations me on Focus 1

Nothing can be more powerful than Affirmations

Affirmations are the true kick start for any person that needs a burst of mental energy and confidence, you teach your brain to think about what you want, what you need and the best; you teach your mind to immediately change its thought.

I like to say that Affirmations immediately force your mind to change direction and the vibration that the affirmations exude is so strong that it has the power to change the course of your day…

I get really emotional when I start with my Affirmations exercises because I feel as my whole body gets energised of something that I really can’t explain but that certainly is strong and real.

I guess that the feeling it’s different from person to person but the end result I’m sure it’s the same…

You just had a bad meeting where your boss demanded way too much than you can deliver? Well, take 5 minutes and focus on your affirmations… It changes everything, suddenly you won’t even remember the thoughts you had after the meeting. (I always do this)

Affirmations me on Focus 1

So today is Sunday, maybe some of you are reading this and in your country is already Monday but, what I want to do today with you guys is to prepare our minds for the week. All of us know what we must do, what are our commitments for this week and what we need to achieve by Friday, right? Well, let’s start with our affirmations.

I like to write them down and keep reading them to myself visualising what I want to achieve:

I get work done easily and successfully.

I motivate my team to do better and better.

I wake up early.

I am successful.

I am brave nothing scares me.

I am strong and confident.

I make people around me happy and secure.

And so I go on writing my affirmations, visualising my week goals and focusing not only on what I want to achieve but, also on what kind of feelings I want people to get from me.

I hope you guys liked this first introduction to affirmations, please write some affirmations in the comments below.

Thank you for reading me and have a wonderful week!!!

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