What’s Your Passion?

Good Morning All, I hope you are all well and that you had a great weekend.

Monday Hurray!!! Motivation Monday!

Passion Me On Focus

We start early this morning asking ourselves the most important questions of all: What’s my Passion? What am I passionate about? If I can could do whatever I want, what would I do?

Let’s think, take your journal meditate and write down letting your emotions flow, don’t be ashamed of letting your heart speak for you. Dream, try to remember the last time you were thinking about You and only You, who did you wanna become? What kind of person you imagined? What were you doing?

After that think about how would you feel if you were doing exactly the job of your dreams…?

I’m doing the same exercise this days and I’ll share it with you this afternoon U.K time.

Have a wonderful Day Everybody.

Thank you for reading me.



1 Comment

  1. My passion is canaries. I have my own small breeding. I love it. I do not really like my job (my boss is awful) but after returning to a home I can relax – by listening singing canaries or feeding the young.
    I think every person should find his own passion.

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