Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

Only reading its definition it already causes a certain bad feeling, isn’t it?

Well, fear is the cause of all our problems and weaknesses, it’s the hardest feeling to overcome.

Some might think that for a positive person fear isn’t a word that exists in their vocabulary… WRONG!!! Totally wrong! A positive person is positive because he/she found a way to overcome fear. Overcome, not hide or do as fear isn’t there… because fear always will appear for some reason…

I read many books about positivity and about how we shouldn’t feel fear and always concentrate on the positive but, what I found is that at the end I got the fear of feeling fear… I was totally scared about thinking about my doubts and worries and this, of course, caused me stressed.

“When fear and doubtful thoughts pop in your head just push it away, listen to music, do something that you like, try anything to avoid these fear thoughts….” they wrote but, this didn’t help me.

I was very upset, I thought that I wasn’t strong enough to control my mind. For a long period, I even decided that maybe this positive thingy just didn’t work for me…

I was wrong!

It wasn’t me (not) being strong enough. It was just that with me that method of overcoming fear and doubt wasn’t right, for me it wasn’t working.

We, humans, are all different from each other, what might work for me doesn’t have to necessarily work for you… Take a look at your right hand, now look at your left hand, are they the same? cover the right side of your face take a look at it and compare it to the left side? is it the same? Of course not! so if we weren’t even created exactly the same as the other half of our body how can we except that we will think and mentally work all the same? we just can’t, we are all different from each other…

So we all agree that fear is not good. We all agree that self-doubt is not good, we must learn how to work it out and trust ourselves. But does it really work to hide it?

Not for me!

This is what worked for me…

When fear and doubt arrives I just face them! I meditate and concentrate on what made this feeling emerge, I write about it and analyse my fear, something like the math problems we use to do during school. I question my fears and doubts and analyse them.

What? How? Why? and When?

For each question, I write the answer and I try to find the solution, I analyse every accept of that feeling breaking it down to try to understand why I feel like that. I try to understand the heart of that fear, what caused that fear… I analyse what self-doubts that fear is bringing me, I try to understand if it’s a new fear or a new one. I write everything down, every emotion and feeling even the most painful and ridiculous…

Now is everything on paper, I can see it there black on white is not a monster,  just words on paper they have no power over me.

I see it.

I can destroy it!

During this all process my mind is somehow getting lighter and lighter and what seemed to be too much for me suddenly it doesn’t mean anything. They were just useless thoughts.

I analysed them and I can see that they were all conditioned by external events that are not important. They were caused by words or acts of other people that shouldn’t even have such an important place in my life because the people that I want in my life don’t make me feel bad.

Finally, when I see my fears and doubts on paper I can see that I’m stronger!

I thank the Universe for making go through this. I thank the Universe for making me learn from my fears and make me stronger and, now I can meditate or listen to music, now I can leave everything behind and concentrate on my positive thinking, on my visualisation.

Curious is that I never go back to read what I wrote… Is there in the past where it belongs… Maybe if one day I’ll go back to read it I’ll find out that I wrote over and over the same thing… Who knows… What I know is that this makes me feel better, this works for me.

We are Humans fear and self-doubts will arrive at some point… Well, when this happens just take your Diary and write it down…

Don’t hide it…

Don’t try to control yourself…

Let it flow…

Let it come all out…

Cry if you need to…

Lough at your fears…

Thank them…

Say Good Bye to them…


Let us know how you overcome fear and self-doubt?

Thank you for reading.





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