Slow Down…

You guys are great and I’m sure that all of you read about how I’ve been struggling lately with Migraines Attacks. You guys were all so lovely sending me wishes to get well soon, you guys were so understanding and left comments that really made me happy. Thank you so much I’m so grateful to have the best readers a blogger could wish for.

But, but and but… Not everybody is so understanding as you know I’m not a blogger full time, I have a job, a very demanding and stressful job and in my case unfotunately being sick, not being able to give 100% is seen as a fault, as a weakness.

I won’t hide from you that I felt very sad and useless… A looser if you like. In my mind I was putting myself even more down because I was going through something that I couldn’t manage, there was no management skill that would have solved the problem and I had no control over myself.

Well all this made me think a lot…

I know I have to slow down. I know that my actual circumastances are not making me feel happy. I’m aware that I’ll need to make some changes to be able to live happily and without pain. The question is: Am I prepared for the changes that I’ll have to make? Will the people around me understand that I need to make the changes? Will I have to loose what I built in the last years? Apparently the only answer I know is for the last question…

I’ve been ill for the last two weeks and in this two weeks I’m experiencing the lack of interest that the business world have for failure… You might think: “what failure? Why Failure?” Well my friends I discovered that not feeling well not being able to be productive is seen as a failure, it seems like that whatever you did until before you got unwell disappears and suddenly you lost all your credibility and you are not worth trust…

Well… What can I say, don’t really have anything to say about this besides saying that I’m a human being and yeah I don’t have a reset bottom…

So I analysed everything and my final thought about all this is:

Slow down… No matter what is going around you right now, no matter the circumstances or reasons that are making you feel sick, sad, frustrated or whatever feeling that you are having… Slow Down! Take your time! And don’t get me wrong I’m not talking only about bad feelings I’m talking also about happy feelings, happy moments. When this comes and you feel the need? Slow Down! Take your time to heal yourself, but also take your time to enjoy the happy good moments.

How many times I rushed a coffee with a friend because I had to go home and get back to my emails… How many times I said no to my son when he asked to do something with him because I had to go back to my emails? and how many times I gave up on plans with my husband because of my emails? Who is gonna give me back those moments? If I would of had left the emails for the next day, what would of have happened? Well the answer is easy: Nothing… because I’m not savings lives, I’m not a doctor (started to sing Alanis Morisette in my head right now… ), if I don’t answer the email now and answer it tomorrow nobody is gonna die.

If I’m not well, and cannot go to work, nobody is gonna die… I’m not a specialised doctor… I’m a manager, I make sure everything works well so people can do their jobs… If I’m not there they work anyways… Business won’t stop because of me…

Are we loosing the perception of what is real important for the world? I think we are! Only lives matter! Business can wait!

Slow Down Business!

Happy Healthy People Produce More.

Thank you for reading me, Thank you so much for being so nice to me I really appreciate and value all this so much!

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