Why Minimalist…?

Do you know those kinds of people that would never ever throw away anything? That wouldn’t even throw away the yoghurt packaging? Well, that was me… Now you must be wondering why I kept the yoghurt packaging, right? Well, I don’t know… I use to wash them and put them away nicely in their place… Sometimes I re-used them to mix some mask faces and hair masks… Then kids would use them to play… In my head, I could do some things with them (hehehehehe) but, actually didn’t use them much…

Clothes? Well, in this case, I had clothes that were 20 years old!!! Shirts that I use to wear when I was 15 and you know, I would of might need it… who knows?

Shoes and bags? Well lets not even talk about this because I used to have Converse All-Star that were even a size smaller than my actual size, this so you understand how old they were… but, you know, in my head somehow I thought that for some kind of miracle my feet would might shrank and I would be able to wear them… crazy? Yes, Definitely!

The worst thing about all this was that my whole life I never lived more than 3 years in the same country so can you imagine what it was when I moved? Well, I can tell you that during my last move which was 4 years ago to England (yes I’m here 4 years a record in my life) it took me one year to bring everything I had from Italy… Thank God the houses here are big!

The change?! Well, the change began when we moved and I decided to open all the bags and boxes and took a look at the stuff I had… I started to realise that I had things that had 2/3 of my years and some things that were given to me so many years ago that I didn’t even remember I had them… looking at some other things I realised that they didn’t bring me good memories, the items took me back to some moments of my life that definitely weren’t happy… So, since the items were well kept I gave them to Charity Stores. I got rid of half of my things and I felt very well.

I also decided to get rid of all the packaging that I had and never ever collected them anymore.

All this made me feel very well and decided that this wasn’t enough I had to do more… Decided to start reading books about minimalism, declutter and I also started to watch videos on YouTube.

On YouTube, I understood that there are many kinds of minimalists. Some are too extreme for me and some others to make sense to me but, I decided to take something from each Writer and YouTuber and find my own way which I think works for me…

So every Tuesday I’ll take you with me through this journey of how I became a minimalist… there is a lot of work still to do and I’m also sure that some changes will happen on the way…

Why I became a Minimalist? Because I don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of cheap stuff that I don’t really want and bought just because I was bored, but I want to have around me fewer things that I really like and will use a lot.

Does it make sense to you?    What do you think about Minimalism?